About the expert

For over five years, I have been the Managing Director of Actis Systems, Russia’s premier web design and Development Company (www.actis.ru/en/), with over 550 projects completed in 26 countries worldwide. More than 30 projects created by our company during that time have been awarded top prizes by a number of international advertising and web design festivals and contests.

Prior to joining the Actis Systems team, my professional experience included three years on Wall Street and four years in strategy management consulting (working in the US, Russia, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Sweden and Denmark), where I managed large projects in the financial services and consumer goods sectors. My educational background includes a BA degree in Economics and Political Science (magna cum laude) from Yale University and an MBA degree in Finance and Multinational Management (with Distinction) from Wharton Business School.

As already mentioned above, I believe that the most significant breakthroughs in Russia’s e-content development could be achieved through an alliance or a partnership between the public and private sectors with the aim of furthering the development of e-content. I am convinced that Russia has the potential to become one of the world’s “powerhouses” of e-cContent and will thus concentrate my efforts for the short- and medium-term on creating just such a partnership / organization. An invaluable part in this undertaking will also be played by the international network afforded by the WSA and the lessons learned through my experience of being a Country Expert and a member of the WSA Grand Jury for 2005.

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