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Rudi Vansnick (° 1955) graduated Accountant (EISTC – Enghien 1977). He started his career at the Ministry of Agriculture and quickly involved himself in the digitisation of government administration. He set up an informatics division inside the ministry of agriculture handling the accountancy data of every Belgian farmer. He explored, till 1987, the use of information technology in SMEs in different sectors and applications. In 1988, he developed the “pharmacy computer” solution bringing communication facilities to pharmacy distribution centres and pharmacists (in collaboration with Labo Flandria -Gent). The solution was later implemented in France, Luxemburg and Germany the national regulations and laws in each of these countries. A few years later, he designed and implemented a huge IT-architecture for logistics and communication purposes in Hungary for a food/non-food distribution corporation (TiszaCoop). More recently he IT-outsourced the contract of the Flemish government for about two years. He had an enriching experience complementing corporate decisions at the regional and local level, being responsible for things like the Flemish portal website. He has been President of the Belgian chapter of Internet Society since 2000. He has participated in national debates with federal and regional governments on important issues like cyber criminality and security. In 2005, he was named national expert for the World Summit Awards and was a member of the Grand Jury in Bahrain.


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