About the expert

Having worked in diverse sectors like music, digital culture, internet, and mobile telephony since 1994, I have conceived and coordinated several Information Society European Commission funded projects and works with the Unesco. A member of Fing, Next Generation Internet Foundation.

With 12 years’ working experience, I founded HAC, my international content and new media company almost five years ago.

I have conceived, launched and cooordinated the EC funded projects MuLiMob and MuDiCu. Together they have enhanced language and cultural diversity across the Internet and mobile sectors. (www.mulimob.org, www.mudicu.org).

I have been invited to speak on multilingualism at Ubifrance (2005), for the Minerva project at Le Louvre for the Ministry of Culture (2003), at New York University, ITP “Multilingual Digital Culture” 2001; at Transmediale, Berlin (International media art festival) “Streaming Media” 2000; at 13th FilmWinter Festival, Stuttgart (Festival for expanded media) “Drifting Units” 2000; at Transcultures, Brussels (Transcity, Electrolab 001) “Cyberculture and culture”1998.

Helene is e-Content Expert for France for WSA and also a grand jury member for the WSA jury process.

Hélène Abrand holds a diploma from the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris, a Master in Business Law from Paris University and Madrid Complutense University, a Spanish and Latino-American Law Diploma from Paris Comparative Law Institute as well as a Master of Arts in Arts Management from London City University



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