ABOUT the expert

Born in Burundi in 1971, a was finished my studies at the official university of Burundi in 2000 as specialist of Education’s sciences. Then I got computer trainings in private teaching centers in Bujumbura. In 2001, in collaboration with AFRICACOMPUTING organization (http://www.africacomputing.org), we put online the web site of ANSS (http://www.anss.bi)

During the same year I put online the web site of BYTC (http://www.bytc.bi) In 2002, I put online the web site of CECOS (http://www.cecos.bi) In 2003, I put online the web site of SIMBIMANGA (www.simbimanga.org)

From January 2003 till now, I am the manager of PAJE (Point d’Acces aux Infortunes pour les Jeunes : Interbet Access for the Youth)
Tel: 00257 21 96 45
Tel Mob: 00257 60 49 46
E.Mail: nkurunziza@bytc.bi.ou, jnkrunz@hotmail.com
Site web: http://www.bytc.bi

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