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Alfredo M. Ronchi Professor, Politecnico di Milano Italy Alfredo Ronchi is Professor of Multimedia Publishing and Techniques and Tools for Multmedia. He co-founded and co-ordinated the Computer-Aided Architectural Design Laboratory. In 1990, he also founded the Hyper Media Group Laboratory. Mr Ronchi has initiated and cordinated both European (De Architectura, MOSAIC, Peripatetic, MIMS, MEDICI Framework etc) and world wide research and development profects (Euro-Sinosoft, Microsoft EMWAC). He is currently Technical Secretary of the European Commission MEDICI Framework and a European Commission Expert for EU Telematics. e- Content and IST programmes. Mr Ronchi is a Membero the the UNESCO OCCAM Mediterranean Programme, Infopoverty, Fondazione Italiana Nuove Communicazioni, and Sacred World Foundation Scientific Committee


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