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Veaceslav is a doctorate in Technical Sciences (Ph.D) since 1988; Academician of International Informatization Academy, Branch of Moldova, in Consultative status with UN (www.iia.md) since 1998. Specialist in computer engines, complexes, systems and networks. Associate professor at Faculty of Radioelectronics and Telecommunications, Technical University of Moldova (www.utm.md) since 1983; Senior Research Assistant at the Automated Test Equipment Engineering department of the Scientific and Research Institute “Quant” (Moldova), and experience in automated test equipment, special languages, control software and hardware development from 1976 to 1990. Member of: CIRI PRM – Council for Information Resources and Informatization at President of Moldova (www.moldova.md); ISOC – Internet Society (www.isoc.org); EDEN – European Distance Education Network; Executive Board of RENAM – Research and Educational Networked Association of Moldova (www.renam.md). Domains of scientific interest and researches: Informatization and Internetworking, Telecommunications Management, Geoinformation Systems, Technical and Medical Diagnostics, Stochastic Linguistics and applications, Distance Learning et.al. Published more than 134 scientific and technical papers including 11 ex USSR patents.


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