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According to me there is a lot of e-content produced every year, we are really information overloaded. According to the study How much information 2003 carried at the School of Information Management and Systems at the University of California at Berkeley, print, film, magnetic, and optical storage media produced about 5 exabytes of new information in 2002. Five exabytes of information is equivalent in size to the information contained in 37,000 new libraries the size of the Library of Congress book collections (www.sims.berkeley.edu/research/ projects/how-much-info-2003/index.htm).

Especially with the democratic nature of the Internet allowing everybody to publish on the Internet, more attention should be paid to create global virtual libraries with high quality information, that may be used by variety of users. Information in these virtual libraries should be evaluated on the basis of credibility, find-ability, usability and accessibility.

As a university professor I am involved for more years in developing the guidelines and the methodology for evaluating the websites according to these criteria.

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