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Ana Serrano is the Canadian Film Center’s Director of Habitat New Media Lab. In its second year of operation, Habitat was named one of the top ten new media schools in North America by Shift Magazine (1999). From 1994-97, Ms Serrano worked with the Digital 4sight Corporation as an Associate Researcher & Consultant, where she produced the case studies for the multi-client study The Impact of Networked Interactive Multimedia on High Performing Organizations. She is a member of numerous organizations and associations, such as the Canadian Conference of the Arts and the Canadian Film and Television Production Association, DigiFest, Interaccess Electronic Art Organization, and Nerdheaven. Ms Serrano was awarded the Educator of the Year Award by the Canadian New Media Awards Industry

Suzanne is based in London and works with Nokia. She has been a core member of the New Technology Division, Habitat, at the Canadian Film Centre, since its inception in 1997. Suzanne is an active member of the World Summit Award network. She has been a WSA grand Jury Member in 2003.

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