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Currently involved in the Co ordination & promotion of the NZ World Summit Awards www.wsa-award.org.nz

Additionally working on digital projects e.g. The Digital Handboek: a DVD for the Ministry of Education on the photographer Ans Westra www.bwx.co.nz/answestra/dvd.html & simultaneously initiating and producing Television documentaries for TVNZ.

Previously Director of (e)-vision Digital Media Centre for Communication Art and Technology 1998 to the end of 2003. (e)-vision, NZ’s only digital media centre established a programme that had application across the business, industry and creative sector. The philosophy of (e)-vision was predicated on the belief that a digitally literate, informed workforce will be better able to contribute to economic and social development. With the integral inclusion of the creative sector the ideal scenario will be realised.

Prior to the initiation and establishment of (e)-vision in 1998 Jan was involved in the cultural sector with particular responsibility in the programming and funding of short film, documentary and new media.

I would like to think that promoting the NZWSA network and working on individual digital projects including aspiring to realising the WSA Roadshow to NZ are all contributing to promoting e-content in NZ.
Note: I am indebted to Chris Lipscombe of Positively Wellington Business and Gordon Stevenson of New Zealand Trade and Enterprise for their support with this chapter.

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