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Holder of a Ph.D. in International Communication from University of Montreal (Canada), Dr Olivier NANA NZEPA is also holder of M.A. in International Relations from ENAP (Montreal); M.A in Business Management (H.E.C. Montreal); M.sc in communication (University of Montreal) and a Bachelor in Journalism from University of Yaounde (Cameroon).

He is a Professor/Consultant, in Public Management at the Institute Superieur de Management Public (Yaounde- Cameroon) and ICT lecturer with the Advanced School of Mass Communication (University of Yaounde II).

His involvement in the WSIS process dates back from the beginning and covers a large variety of activities (advocacy, research, participation to various fora, social intitiatives, etc.).
He is currently ICT Expert for: Atos KPMG consulting (for West and Central Africa); UNDP; UNESCO; UNECA; CIDA;  Francophonie.

He also sits as the Africa Region focal point on the World Civil Society Bureau for the WSIS ; Member of the Africa Bureau in charge of the WSIS; Rapporteur for the Africa Technical Advisory Committee (ATAC) to Africa Information Society Initiative (AISI), Editor of a French quarterly dedicated to the Information Society titled ” Le defi numerique”.

Dr Olivier Nana Nzepa
Institute Superieur de Management Public,

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