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Mr. Poncelet O. Ileleji, is the coordinator of the Gambia YMCAs Computer Training Centre (www.ymca.gm), and also over sees sports program of the Gambia YMCAs. He also oversees the World Links program in the Gambia as country coordinator/field operations Officer (www.world-links.org). He has over 10 years experience in the use of ICT, as a lecturer/educator and consultant.

Presented paper centred on using Information Technology to break the great digital divide between the West and Developing Countries at Homerton College, University Of Cambridge, Voices of Change Conference September 2000 organized by Cambridge Education Resources.

The Internet and Africa from a Sub – Saharan Perspective by Poncelet Ileleji WebNet 2001: 573

Best country Coordinator for the World Links program in West Africa July 2003.

A keen reader, writer and sports enthusiast he strongly believes for developing countries to move ahead and bridge the digital divide that exist today a strong focus on developing a sustainable plan on ICT and national development in health, education to the agricultural and community service infrastructure is a must, the use of ICT’s can not be underestimated especially for millions who need access to basic information in remote places that can improve there lives.

Poncelet O. Ileleji


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