About the expert

Dr. Abdelaziz Sdigui Doukkali, had obtained a doctorate of engineering sciences in the University Paris XII in 1993. He has worked, as Teacher researcher, at ENSIAS (National High School of Computer sciences and system Analysis) for 10 years. He is also an international expert near of several organisations as UNIDO, PNUD, USAID, CEE.

His field of competences turns around the following: information system, information networks, Internet technologies, e-business, e-commerce, web marketing, e-contents generating, portals, m-business, imaging and multimedia, search and meta-search engines. He is also involved in many national projects relating to the ITCs, as the project e-Maroc, which has as major object to position Morocco at the same level than developed countries in term of ITCs.

Dr. Doukkali advises several Moroccan companies in the steps of the integration of ITCs in their company strategy.

Dr. Abdelaziz Sdigui Doukkali

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