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Jak Boumans BA, MDiv. (1945), studied in the USA theology and philosophy. He went back to his native country, The Netherlands, and stated to work in encyclopedia publishing. From 1980 he got involved in new media respectively videotext, CD-ROM, electronic book, Internet and Mobile Internet. In 1980 he ran the first videotext studio for VNU; in 1984 he launched the first daily, electronic newsletter IDB Online for VNU London. In 1990 he set up the private consultancy Electronic Media Reporting in Utrecht (The Netherlands). Since 2001 he is also secretary of the European Academy of Digital Media (EADiM), a foundation consisting of jurors and nominees of the EUROPRIX and of multimedia instructors.

Jak Boumans writes regularly for international and national magazines. He published books on online, marketing databases, investing in multimedia and the economy of content clusters. He presently is writing a book on the 25 years of new media history in The Netherlands.

Jak Boumans
European Academy of Digital Media,

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