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Andy Carvin is one of the coordinators of the Digital Divide Network and the Digital Opportunity Channel. Andy is senior writer and moderator for the DIGITALDIVIDE list server. He is the author of the award-winning EdWebProject.org, one of the first sites to advocate Web use in education. Andy is also moderator of WWWEDU, the Internet’s oldest email forum on the web in education and SEPT11INFO which was the first discussion list created in response to the 9/11 attacks. Andy has appeared in numerous national publications, including Wired, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and Rolling Stone. Andy was recently named by District Administration magazine as one of America’s top 25 edtech advocates. Andy received similar honours from eSchoolNews.org in 1999 when they named him a member of its Impact 30 list of edtech leaders. Andy has a BS in rhetoric and an MA in Telecommunications from Northwestern University.

Andy Carvin
Senior Associate
Communications Policy, Benton Foundation

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