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Md. Akteruzzaman is the President of the Bangladesh Multimedia Association (BMA). In 2003, he was selected to represent Bangladesh as a WSA Expert and eventually a WSA Grand Juror. Mr Akteruzzaman is Founder and President of the Bangladesh Youth Forum on ICT (BYF), CEO for ABC Multimedia Ltd, and he also works as Multimedia Consultant to the Ministry of Science and ICT for the Government of Bangladesh. Mr Akteruzzaman is an active member of numerous international organisations and associations, including the World Health Organisation, Bangladesh, the Genetic Educational Group, Singapore, Hanoi University of Science & Technology,Vietnam, the Bangladesh ICT Journalist Forum (BIJF),

Bangladesh,TakingITGlobal.org, Canada, Youth Creating Digital Opportunity (YCDO), USA, the Global Alliance for Bridging Digital Divide (GABD), Hong Kong, and the UN ICT Task Force, Asia Region

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