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Osama Manzar is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, editor, columnist, and new media specialist who is spearheading the mission to overcome the information barrier between India’s rural and social sector, and the so-called developed society, through Digital Empowerment Foundation – www.defindia.org – the not-for-profit organisation founded to accomplish the mission.

He has authored two books: “e-Content: Voices from the Ground (www.econtentworldwide.org)” released in World Summit on the Information Society, December 2003 in Geneva, and “The Internet Economy of India” released in 2001 in New Delhi.

Manzar is e-Content Expert for India for World Summit Award (WSA) – www.wsis-award.org; Grand Jury Member and also Board of Directors

He has launched India’s first ever award for choosing the best e-content practices in India. The Manthan Award could be seen at http://www.manthanaward.com. Osama is also Chairman of Manthan Award.

Philips Design (http://www.design.philips.com) for its Human Future project chose him, among 25 internationally renowned experts, to interview to get ideas “to develop human products driven by technology and life style of the future”.

He is widely quoted in media on new media, digital divide issues, and so on. Besides editing Inomy.com (www.inomy.com), he passionately speaks on the topics related to ICT for Development, India’s social sector, and Information Economy in general. He is also an advisor to ICT for Development for Development Gateway Foundation, www.developmentgateway.org, a World Bank funded project.

He is member of Association of British Scholars – www.abs-india.org
He is working on his next two books:”ICT for Development in India: Where do we go from here?”

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