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I was born in 1966 in a small village in North of Burkina Faso. I am a lecturer in Economics at the University of Ouagadougou. I conduct courses in Food and Nutritional Policies; the Evaluation of the Projects of Development and Computer Sciences at the University. I’m also an ICT4D expert, coordinator of Local Information and Exchange Networking and President of Yam Pukri. I’ am also a writer and my last book iwas called “Computer and the Djembe, between dreams and Realities”, Harmattan, 2003.

However my passion is applied sciences. I am interested in all projects that make use of scientific applications. I was President of the Club Jeune Science of my college and later coordinator of Club UNESCO of Kadiogo till 1988. After my doctorate in 1996, I started working and started an association called YAM PUKRI (http://www.yam-pukri.org) which in local parlance, Moore means “open your mind.”

This association has as principal objectives training, popularisation and advice on new technologies (computer and Internet). To date, six centres of formation were created and we inducted more than 3000 people since their training in 1998. YAM PUKRI ASSOCIATION is a pioneer among ICT associations in Burkina Faso. (syvestre.ouedraogo@univ-ouaga.bf

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