Still a Long Way to Go…

It is heartening to realize that this book is a manifestation of instant human relationship, power of networking, promises of content in the quality of life, and above all how dedicated work with positive motivation can make even impossible easy to achieve.

I must inform that this book is a result of only 40 days of work, from storyboard to printing. And, in no way, was it possible to achieve this without multi-directional dedication, help, and genuine desire to accomplish the cause.

I must reveal that Prof Peter Bruck is solely responsible for influencing me to work with such zeal and force that “nothing is impossible” if there is clarity of thought and vision of desired objective. And as co-authors we achieved what I thought was impossible.

I have special admiration for the whole WSA team for being extremely helpful by getting in touch with 136 country experts for me to accomplish this book. It is a big boosting to this effort to know that this book is also “an official publication of UN’s WSA”.

I will always be indebted to all the 30 country experts who have been interviewed and featured here for their prompt response, and quality time spent on replying the questions in the given time period. I am extremely proud to mention that many of the country experts spent sleepless nights and days to provide quality replies to the questions.

There are another 106 countries whose country experts are sending their replies for this book, to be added as part of this book in its web version.

I would like to express my gratitude to my wife, Shaifali Chikermane, to have agreed to do the editing, designing, and layout for the entire book in such a promising timeframe, and to our two small children Abner (5.5) and Abeni (1.5) for their patience and understanding our commitments, and deadlines.

Nandita Saikia, Vikramaditya Chakrabarty and Priyanka Tyagi have been dedicated to look at the finer points of the book, including proof-reading and improving the quality of the content of the book without compomising on the originality of the flavor of each country expert’s opinion.

One of my many favourite colleagues, Neeraj Maurya, put the whole cover pages design along with Subhendu Banerjee, and I think they truly have done an international job.

Since time was so limited, I was not very sure of financial support, but I was proved wrong as all the 6 organizations I approached, supported the book in whatever way they could, financially as well as morally, and in kind.

I have been feeling emotional thinking about the prompt and wholesome support that came as manna from heaven, from CDAC (Center for Development of Advance Computing, Government of India) in the forms, which expand from financial, professional, and leadership. Mr. S. Ramakrishnan, CEO of CDAC, has made the government proud by agreeing to write the Foreword minutes before the book went to bed.

Ashok Jhunjhunwala of IIT Madras, committed significant support (from TeNeT – The Telecommunication & Computer Networks Group) within 5 minutes of my talk with him. Now, I know why he is a true leader, social entrepreneur and inventor.

Akhtar Badshah must be appreciated for making electric decisions. He too, on behalf of Digital Partners, contributed the best he could. But I appreciate his contributions to my ideas. He shares and always encourages me to achieve them.

When Martin Casey from Ireland, whom I met only recently in WSA Grand Jury, came to know about our struggle to raise funds for meeting the deadline to publish this book, he immediately committed support which I am sure is going to go a long way in the vision of e-content worldwide. needs special mention to have offered their support in terms of putting the whole book on the web for universal access. Please take a look at for the e-content scenario worldwide.

Through i4d (Information for Development) monthly magazine, this book hopes to reach even wider audiences.

And, finally I would like to recall the whole ICT fraternity which is a ray of hope for all those developing and under-developed countries to overcome the information and content gap.

Please ignore all those mistakes that you may find in the book knowing that we have just initiated the movement of e-content and it is just a start on the long and hectic path towards an “information society”.

Your gratitude will be highly appreciated.

Do contact us with your views, ideas and suggestions.

Osama Manzar

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