“People have no Idea about the Importance of E-content, but ICT Infrastructure is Well Established”


What e-content means in Bahrain:

A: It is any information stored, processed or accessed by electronic means. In Bahrain, there is no real concern about e-content officially, but there is now an interest among a large number of corporates and the Government sector to have an online existence. However, there is no real concern about the quality of the content.

What is the current status of e-content in your country, including national e-content development across all the sectors of the industry?

Unfortunately, the status of e-content in my country is very poor in general. There are a few good examples where you can find genuine content or services but such examples are rare. People are still concentrating on design and functionality and the quality of e-Content is at the bottom of their list of priorities.

Which e-content area is best developed in your country?

E-business is the most developed area of e-content although e-culture and e-government are also developing.

Which sectors in your country are the leaders in e-content development?

The business and private sector is a driving force.

Please describe the progress of e-content development in your country.

Unfortunately, there is no timeline or a pre-planned strategy/framework on a national level to develop e-content but there is an e-government project which might include official information and services by the end of the year 2004.

Please list the major initiatives which have influenced and spurred the development of e-content in your country.

The government project which has been e-enabled and those which are in the process of getting online.

What have been the major bottlenecks in the development of e-content in your country?

» The absence of a national plan or strategy to enhance e-content development hinders progress.
» People (decision makers, businessmen, etc.) have no idea about the importance of e-content.
» Infrastructure, applications and implementations are the hottest issues being discussed in IT. E-content is not yet a priority.

In developed countries ICT has become part of daily life and e-content development is primarily left to the initiatives of individuals or organizations. On the other hand, in less developed countries, the development of e-content is largely dependent on ICT infrastructure. Please give a detailed analysis of the situation in your country.

The ICT infrastructure in Bahrain is good and well established; Bahrain is one of those countries, which have invested a lot of time and money to build an ICT infrastructure in order to be the hub or centre of the banking sector in the region since early 1980s. So, we can say that e-Content development in Bahrain will be dependent on the ICT Infrastructure. It is not a part of daily life yet, as it is in many countries, despite the fact that there is a high penetration of mobile phones.

How would you describe the ICT scenario in your country? Please describe it in terms of infrastructure, penetration, acceptance and policies.

As the country with highest Internet penetration (22% of population) in the region, with a large literate community; Bahrain has a bright future in ICT. However, it needs official support and an announced plan/strategy in this regard.

How do you see the future of e-content development in your country? Please elaborate in detail.

I can see no official or corporate effort towards developing e-content. As an individual, I hope I can make some difference through media and the Internet Society to push for the development of e-content.

As an expert in your country, what would be the five most important pillars of e-content development?

Awareness: Spread awareness about e-content;

Training: Employees should be trained to write for digital or electronic media;

Seriousness: E-content should be taken seriously and not just used to show-off;

Updating: E-content must be updated regularly so that it does not offer obsolete information or services;

Editing: E-content should be dealt with in the same manner as traditional publishing and editing.

Please explain which is the most preferred medium for e-content development: Print, TV, the Internet, Radio, Mobile/Wireless or a combination of some of these?

E-content is electronic, so, I don’t imagine it in print, radio or even normal TV. The most preferred medium would be therefore have to be the Internet/web, Mobile and WebTV.

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