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E-Learning It is a comprehensive agriculture portal providing information in both Urdu and English. This website is devised to act as a repository of agricultural information with special reference to Pakistan. This is a complete information portal providing information on education and other aspects of life.


Industrial Information Network (IIN) is the first Pakistani B2B and information portal designed specifically to cater to the online trading and information needs of businesses from various industrial sectors in Pakistan.
This is the website of the Export Promotion Bureau in Pakistan. It helps exports to move from Pakistani manufacturers to the world outside.

E-Culture Kitaab Ghar is a home of free online books on Urdu literature; books are easily downloadable in PDF format.
This website provides some information about the remote mountain communities up in Northern Pakistan. Not very comprehensive, but still a representative website from this area.

E-Entertainment This is an online music portal with a huge library of Pakistani music.

E-Health Telemedpak is a project launched to create awareness, facilitate electronic access to medical information for the public, health professionals and medical students. also serves as a patient guide for common people; it allows patients to search out the best doctors in the country for through consultation.


PDG is a repository of more then 2000 websites on development categories.
Pakistan water gateway is a one-stop portal for all water related information pertaining to Pakistan. It’s a place where all water sector stakeholders are provided with space to promote diverse point of views on water issues.

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