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VICTORS: Soldiers of the Great War
This resource was created as a private initiative of several internets and IT companies and dedicated to the 60th anniversary of World War II. The project’s aim was to document the events that took place on the “Russian Front” of WWII through both rare archive materials and live veteran testimony.


The President of Russia – to School-age Citizens
This resource, created by the President’s Administration teaches children the foundations of Russian culture and government, principles of democracy and civil society.


This product’s business model is to create a vibrant community of managers, united by a number of interests, in order to promote business experience sharing, opinions exchange, and educational opportunity

This product serves a number of purposes for its target audiences: provides internet audiences with the most requested library materials currently absent in the internet (education and research materials, references, texts), thus enabling people living in remote locations to have access to most resources of Russia’s vast public library system; enables public libraries with documents and materials necessary for more efficient operation; disseminates educational content about libraries and library science.


Russia’s leading popular science online publication is presented in magazine format that explains complex scientific issues in layman’s terms.


One of Russia’s top online role games (free access) requires strategic thinking skills for survival in its virtual reality. The game is modeled on real life and situations in a large city, with players living, working, and relating to others in real-time format.

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