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Prirodni park Kopa?ki rit
[] Nature Park Kopacki Rit is an impressive multimedia presentation of the Nature Park “Kopacki Rit”, located in eastern Croatia (Osijek-Baranya county). It provides virtual nature experience by presenting the park’s treasures using a variety of multimedia features.

[] Bembelembe is the nick name of Dean Roksandic who created this site as an online personal gallery of graphic designs, handmade and vector illustrations, video and animations, painting and photography.
[] presents the amazing fauna of Croatia using the latest Internet technology, including live presentations, video documentaries, as well as 2D and 3D animations and illustrations. Content for the project is created in collaboration with biology students and young scientists who are interested in sharing their knowledge and research results with the general public. Users of the site are provided with information on scientific research being carried out on the monthly theme, and they are also told how to get involved if they have questions.

Odvjetni?ki zbor Osijek
[] These are official pages of the Lawyers’ Association of Osijek, Croatian Bar Association. The pages make available all information on the Association, including notice board and online advertisement service, list of all paralegals, contact form, legal publications and useful links.

[] covers entertainment, educational and creative culinary and health content. The website is primarily intended for the young and those who feel young: students, families with small children and individuals.

Official Internet pages of the tennis tournament Novi
[] is the official website of the NOVI classics tennis tournament, the biggest sporting and media event in Croatia in 2005.


Split portal
[] Split portal gathers young people who wish to learn about Dalmatia – the second largest region in Croatia.

[] Website gathers resources for the use of local youth organizations,discusses various relevant issues like cohabitation and helps them find interesting information and appropriate partners for their projects and activities.
Special mention

[] AGREST3D-DVD is a multimedia magazine on culture, arts and science in DVD format. Each issue delivers 7 to 14 hours of video materials concerning culture, arts and sciences, covering exhibitions, promotions, festivals, interviews, reviews, presentations, etc.

po e sy
[] The author uses the web log tool to publish his own poetry, combining and experimenting with presentations and forms through application of desing / CSS / DHTML / Flash-enhanced poetry. Very interesting experiments in the unity of content and form.

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