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Droit Partagés

“Shared rights” is dedicated to fighting for children’s rights. Its final aim is to promote awareness in children and young people, to help them grow into open-minded citizens, respectful of each other, and capable of making their own life choices every day.


Sentiweb is a powerful web-platform for monitoring world health including real time indicators and an interactive geographical information system.
E-Government & is the French civil service’s official gateway for citizens to access administrative information online. It answers questions asked by citizens thereby making their contact with the civil service more user-friendly.

Gnomz is an online platform where, with very simple tools, anyone can produce their own comics.


EuromedTextile enhances international business cooperation among transEuropean and Mediterranean territories, in the textile/clothing/distribution sector.

Paris Ville Antique
WSA 2005 Winner!
This website shows Paris as a roman city with a set of rich pedagogical, content tools including archaeological and contemporary references, high level iconography and beautiful animations.

Edumédia WSA 2005 Winner!
Edumedia is an online learning community dedicated to the teaching and learning of science.

L’enfant à l’hopital WSA 2005 Winner!
L’Enfant @ l’hôpital (Children@hospital) allows seriously ill children living away from their homes to get in touch with children and adults who help them stay connected to the world, other cultures, education and provide career guides.

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