Best Practices


US Elections
This online special illustrates the importance of the United States election in 2004. The video and audio file affords the user the experience of reliving one of the most important events in world history from different points of view.
E-Governance is a web service including more than 20.000 sites, with more than 500 new sites coming up every month. The portal gives a lot of information to the citizens in Baden-Württemberg, concerning ministries, the government and daily news.


Quelle push button
The Quelle push button is a great and simple creative idea. By pushing the “Q” button on the keyboard and opening the website the Internet user gets to check on new offers every week. The push button is a very simple idea, and prompts customers to buy interactively, even impulsively. This is a singular achievement, compared to other online catalogues!


Die französische Revolution
The CD-ROM makes it possible to step back into history and using excellent content, design and techniques, know about the French Revolution, cultural history as well as daily life.

Fahrschool is a mobile edutainment solution that prepares learners for the theoretical driving test. Mobile phone users’ getto practise answering questions of the official driving test through playful interactions.

The online special gives one a very in-depth scientific introduction to Einstein’s theory of relativity. Amongst others, physicians of the well-known “Max-Planck- Institute” were involved in creating this site.

The interactive information cube provides all the information on the much talked about public health reform of 2004, medical treatment, and additional expenses in Germany. The government explains all the complex changes in great detail with a unique combination of content, multimedia and interactivity.

The portal offers a lot of information on web design, competitions, helpful links, daily news and laws and is geared to serving the disabled with better Internet access.

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