BEST practices


Issam International Limited: Car dealer

Mr. Suwedi Kassim was well aware of the impact that ICT was beginning to have in Tanzania in the 1990s. Trained as an engineer, he gained his MBA and set off to compete on the burgeoning ICT sector.

In June 2000 he began operating a used car and car parts sales business in Dar Es Salaam. Mr. Kassim has never been to Japan, but that is where his suppliers are located. Mr. Kassim visits online car and car part wholesalers in Japan to order his supply online. He now researches and tracks his supply from shipping, clearance and warehousing online using the car’s chassis number.

Marvelous Batiks

The shining success of the project has been Marvelous Batiks founded by Mrs. Flotea Massawe in June 1992. Mrs. Massawe was admittedly hesitant at first to put her designs on the Internet as she feared that others would copy the Marvelous Batiks designs. Today she is doing all her business online and even has wireless network at home and a person dedicated to checking emails and following up on electronic orders. She ships the order after she has received 50% of payment in wire transfer.

Dina Flowers

Dina Flowers was established in 1997 and currently has 16 employees with an annual turnover of Tsh 200 million. The firm provides fresh and artificial (dried and silk) floral arrangements, indoor plants placing and maintenance, landscape designing and implementation and general garden and lawn maintenance.

Dina Flowers does use ICT frequently as it receives 90% of its business over the mobile phone. Buyers frequently send orders via SMS. A digital camera has also proved useful and supplanted the photo album as the preferred method of showcasing products to customers.

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