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Taking into account the products submitted by authors, this category could be subdivided into at least three sub-categories: interactive platforms & tools, portals and interactive content.


“Codice privacy Campus”
( ) is an innovative platform addressing “interactive cooperative design”. It supports dynamic evolutionary” processes typical of any cooperative design process.


“FAI scuola”
( ) presented by Fabrizio Lo Bianco, Fondo Ambiente Italiano, “Sophia -Servizi online per il mondo della Scuola” ( presented by Stefano Marioni , eXtrapola srl and “” ( presented by Demetrio Triglia are basically representative portals.

Interactive learning
“Musealising: the virtual reality project of the Scrovegni Chapel Padua” ( by Maurizio Forte, Claudio Rufa, Eva Pietroni – CNR-ITABC is an interactive VR installation, the multimedia room hosts seven booths.

“Mille modi per un mondo, chat 3d per costruire conoscenza”
( ) by Luisanna Fiorini, Pedagogic Institute Bolzano. A cooperative and connective 3D world for learning, created and supported by a community of schools, pedagogues, teachers and researchers.

Taking into account the products submitted by the authors, this category could be subdivided into at least three sub-categories: portals, info services and hubs.

“Web site of the Italian National Police”
( ) presented by Roberto Sgalla – Polizia di Stato. A comprehensive access point to services and information provided by the National Police, where a number of thematic areas are covered.

“Network Giovani on line”
( presented by Doriana Bortolini – Comune di Bologna – Ufficio Giovani. A thematic network addressed to the youth and developed and substained by Comune di Bologna – Youth Division

Info Services
“Info Appalti” ( presented by Renato Sailis – Studio NET. Whatever you need to know about bids and public calls.

( presented by Laura Nacci – Politecnico di Milano. A comprehensive information service focussed on the city of Como.


“Carta Regionale dei Sevizi”
( presented by Antonio Confalonieri – Regione Lombardia, Presidenza. This product is a “hub” with additional services within the general framework of CRS.

Taking into account the products submitted by the authors, this category could be subdivided into at least two sub-categories: electronic malls and on line promos/commercials.

Electronic malls

( presented by Serena Mancini – YOOX. YOOX is an outstanding e-Commerce portal equipped with advanced and sophisticated search functions perfectly tuned to the content.

( presented by Andrea Gaetano Gatti – On line “Enoteca” and wine shop provide information about typical Italian wines.
On line promos

“Pelican Hotel”
( presented by Stefano Scozzese – Intraworld di Stefano Rizzato. A sophisticated web site introducing the flavor and the atmosphere of an exclusive hotel.

“MV Agusta”
( presented by Luca Pescitelli – MV Agusta S.p.A. Well balanced promo site combining history and legend, from Giacomo Agostini (Ago) six times world champion to the exclusive sport and race bikes on stage.

“Syntax Desktop”
( presented by Michele Gobbi – Kleis Communications Technologies Srl. Syntax Desktop is a publishing system used to manage the contents of a Web site.

On the basis of the products submitted by the authors, this category could be subdivided into at least three sub-categories: cultural heritage/museums, culture & cultural identity, art & creativity
Cultural Heritage & On line museums
“Sito Internet dell’ Istituto e Museo di Storia della Scienza”
( presented by Jacopo Tonini – IMSS. This is a true portal on world scientific heritage, full of high quality information, data and images. The overall project includes DVDs and digital originals of manucripts, machinery and tools.

( ) presented by Marco Buratti – Banca Popolare di Sondrio. The rich collection of artefacts and information suitable for both experts and viewers andspecifically designed for the elderly and the disabled.

( presented by Paolo Cavallotti – Museo Nazionale Scienza e Tecnologia. The product addresses the issues of secondary schools, enabling interactive “exploration”, “design” and test on famous inventions such as Leonardo’s helicopter, Marconi’s radio, Meucci’s Telephone.
Culture & cultural identity
La Donna nel Mediterraneo
( presented by Camillo Martino – Sibilla Net s.r.l. A very interesting overview on the cultural identity of Mediterranean women across Spain, Lebanon and Tunisia. This product is suitable even for eInclusion.
Art & Creativity
N!03 ( ) presented by Riccardo Castaldi. Web site of narrative environments and multimedia museum productions, bringing them to a new level of experience through the research and development of innovative interface. A creative way to introduce digital art and interactive installations.

( ) presented by Riccardo Castaldi. Virtual community showing individual ideas related to time spending and the importance of indulging luxuries that come free of cost, like appreciating the beauty and quality of life and going against the common trend of speed, portability and usefulness.

( presented by Flaneurs s.r.l. Soultube is a virtual environment designed in order to replicate the atmosphere of the Underground
“ISLAND 8081″
( ) presented by Luca Barbeni. Visit the island and experience different interactive evironments.
“recuperate le vostre radici quadrate”
( presented by Fabrizio Coniglio – ConiglioViola. Creativity, innovative “shocking” design and humour are well represented.

“impronte digitali”
( presented by Luca Agnani. How to turn an online book into an entertaiment web site.

( presented by Paolo Cassiano – C-Factory Srl. First Italian webradio 24hxday now adds webTV and is available on mobile phones.

( presented by Francesco Bagnato – Web designer. The subtitle gives an idea about the product “Our lives at your disposal”. Humour and vernacular tradition enrich a well designed guide to restaurants.


On the basis of the products submitted by authors, this category could be subdivided into at least three sub-categories: scientific topics, popular science and portals.
Scientific topics

“Carpiniana: A Virtualized Byzantine Crypt”
( presented by Virginia Valzano – Coord. SIBA – Università degli Studi di Lecce. Carpiniana is a DVD showcasing the scientific methodology applied to the digital reconstruction and restoration of a Byzantine Crypt.
“Sistema informativo del Camposanto” (interactive computer graphics) presented by Andrea Brogi – Architetto Digitale. Is an interactive 3D object oriented virtual reconstruction of the monumental cementery in Pisa. Each object or subpart is imbued with historical information.
Popular Science

“International Space Station Discovery”
( presented by Mario Taddei – Studio DDM. Mixed media product (book + DVD). A CD-ROM and a Museum Kiosk made for Discovery Place Museums and Science Museums in Europe.

“Leonardo da Vinci’s car”
( presented by Mario Taddei – Studio DDM. The DVD shows Leonardo projects in a new manner. 3D models, animations, games and 3D interactive documents allow everyone to understand these incredible machines.

“Portale per la Chimica e l’Educazione”
( presented by Dario Zucchini – ITI Ettore Majorana. The portal has, as its focal point, chemistry and education for secondary schools.


On the basis of the products submitted by authors, this category could be subdivided into at least three sub-categories: patient-centred, doctor-centred and portals.
Patients / Therapy

“Dream Island”
( ) presented by Alessandra Preziosa – Ist. Auxologico Italiano. The key value of this product is an integrated VR based system which aims to help users to relax using VR during the treatment with the therapist.

“Collana corsi e-Learning per la Sanità” presented by Luca De Marchi – Azienda ULSS n 8 Asolo. The product is the result of a methodology developed in Asolo. The first result is a full set of courses addressing the needs of the hospitals.

( presented by Daria Fallido – QBGROUP. Italian website about gastroenterology. It has two sections: one for doctors and another one for patients. It’s a good platform for gastroenterlogists.

“Health Optimum”
( presented by Claudio Dario – Azienda Ulss N. 9 Treviso. Online validation and dissemination of test and protocols results.

( ) presented by Michele Biolé – Regola S.r.L. Online tele-consultancy and medical multimedia information sharing.


Portale Azienda Sanitaria 12 Biella
( presented by Corrado Azario – Az. San. Locale N° 12 Biella. Real time information system providing audio and video data for healthcare.


“Banca digitale accessibile”
( ) presented by Marco Buratti – Banca Popolare di Sondrio. A relevant experience in the field of accessibility.

( presented by Marco Mattioli – Compraweb. Liberatutti is a big volunteer community on disabilities.
“Bassnet Site”
( presented by Manila Micacchi – Bassnet srl. The product is the result of a user centered design, and is fully compliant with national guidelines for accessibility (legge Stanca) and W3C directives.
( presented by Cristina Giusio – Fondazione Accorsi. Cultural web site designed for the blind and the visually impaired.

“Eloisa Project”
( presented by Francesco Lentini – Il Computer24Ore. A talking web site enabling a human/computer conversation.

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