Best Practices


Information Technologies basic courses. Provides a batch of learning courses in IT subjects, including web-designing and programming.

Didactic Centre. Training Centre of Moldovan Information Technologies Department. Computer training at different levels, languages studies, Internet services, attestations, control and design.

ProEducation. Useful resource for students and teachers., Informatica Pro –  training in on-line programming

Virtual School of the Young Mathematician. Collection of math examples and information for all those preoccupied with passing math exams or simply fascinated with the science.

Undulatory World. World Model based on the of waves-interactions analysis affording  universal explanation of phenomena.

E-Training web service ( Provides Internet access and training for all citizens of the Republic of Moldova to ensure their professional and academic growth, free of charge. It is produced by the Internet Access and Training Program (IATP in Moldova


Official webpage of Moldova, Republic of. Portal of Government of Moldova.

Official webpage of President of Moldova. Information concerning current and former Presidents of Moldova.

Official webpage of Parliament of Moldova. Offers basic information about Parliament of Moldova and its activities.

Webpage for elections management and monitor in Moldova. Provides information about elections rules and campaigns.

Webpage of Chisinau City governances (Capital City of Moldova). Official portal of Chisinau City Public Administration.


Infomarket. Portal of business news virtual world.

E-commerce portal.  Universal e-commerce portal.

Information system for building constructors. E-commerce portal for house building and repair resources.

Interactive Dispatching Centre. Transport dispatching centre.

Consumers juridical information and advisory centre. Provides law information resources and feedback facilities for consumers.

Job search portal.

Is a security solution that is designed to integrate with Lotus Notes environment. In order to gain access to resources and encrypted data located within the Notes environment, an USB token or a smart card with PIN code can be used. It is produced by the Dekart firm ( or



Modern Art of Moldova. Virtual Gallery. Pictures, sculptures and other art galleries collection.

Handicrafts Art of Northern Moldova.  Popular Ceramics. Plaiting with straw. Artistic weaving. Manufacturing on National Trend of the Stone. National Trend of Leather. Artistic wood cutting. Knitting. Manufacture of national instruments. Knitting with vegetable fibres. Embroidery. Wicker works in bulrush and maze wrappers. Historical and architectural record of Moldova.

Orheiul Vechi (Old Orhei). The picturesque archaeological complex located in the valley of the Raut river, well-known for its rock monasteries and other historical monuments.

Foto Moldova. Photo art web site.

Chisinau web site ( Beautiful and fruitful resource for those who want to know  everything about Chisianu (Kishinev), the capital city of Moldova. It has been produced by the WebArt Studio,


Welcome to Moldova. Tourist portal and official page of the tourism department of Moldova.

Moldova Wine Page.  Everything about the famous Moldovan wines.

Game Server.  Portal for computer game players from Moldova.

Cybersport server.  Cyber race portal for computer game players from Moldova.

Cyberlife. The website of Association of Computer Games of Moldova.

RUBRAFOX web-game ( Modern reworking of one of the most ancient games. The rules are silmple; one has to guess the outcome of any event following the laws of probabilities. It has been produced by the WebArt Studio,


Academy of Sciences of Moldova (ASM). Portal of National Academy of Sciences of Moldova.

Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science. Official web page of the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science of Moldova.

Supreme Council for Science and Technological Development. National Science Funding Centre

Anatomy Museum. Anatomy Museum of the Chisinau State University of Medicine and Pharmacy “N. Testemitanu”.

Geological Monuments.  The directory of geological monuments of Moldova, each one featuring photos and a map.

Research and Educational Association of Moldova (RENAM) – the first NGO National Research and Education Network (NREN) in Moldova.

University Centre for Alternative Energy Research. Joins researches in the domain of future and alternative energy search.

MIR web resource ( Online database, magazine and information system for electronic publications intended for scientists and researches. Gives the opportunity to publish electronic versions of scientific papers at reasonable rates. Academy of Sciences of Moldova (ASM


AIDS Centre in Moldova. All about AIDS in Moldova, National Strategy Plan on HIV/AIDS, country statistics.

Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Project. Long term improvement in the health of the Moldovan people.

Medical Expert. Project run by NGO “Legal Expert” aimed at preventing medical errors.

Public Health and Sanitation Management Scientific Centre (CSPMS).

Arta Medica. Online scientific and practical magazine of medicine. web portal ( National portal of medical information for medical specialists from Moldova. Is attached to the European Health Communication Network. Contains a set of important resources, including web-mail, news, library and other services. It has been produced by the National Centre of Medical Information (


E-Moldova. UNDP Project Formulation of the National Strategy on Information Society Technologies for Development.

European House. The place for joining rural localities of Moldova

Suruceni. Official site of Moldovan village Suruceni.

Otzovis’ (respond)! Social project on people search.

Aid! Classifieds of people seeking financial assistance for expensive medical procedures.

Ciutulesti web portal ( Official website of the village Ciutulesti, district Soroca. A good sample of a rural portal from Moldova, one of the most significant examples of overcoming the digital divide. It has been produced by Mr. Ion Mardarovici (, who was born in Ciutulesti.

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