Best Practices


The film archive is a broadband video-on-demand service, where you can access historic and contemporary Norwegian film of all genres.
E-Science is the biggest channel for distribution of scientific research within the Nordic countries. The portal strives to be engaging and to spark curiosity among its general audience. The portal contains news, background material and facts dealing width most aspects of scientific research.

Norway Portal is the British version of Norway official portal abroad. The Portal, that exists in 85 versions and is available in 18 languages, provides information and services to both Norwegians abroad and anyone else width an interest in Norway.


Piip-Show is a good idea and well executed width simple and hands-on Technology. This invitation to be a “fly on the wall” of a bird cage, living width a family of birds for a season, charmed its way to the top in the competition.

Secrets to sports

The website is a tool designed to support coaching and training youth in soccer clubs and schools. Many boys and girls, in rich societies and especially in poor, would like to have access to a skilled and well-experienced coach to develop as athletes and persons. Very few have such access.

Honourable Mention: Fair (Fair Allocation of InfoTech Resources)

Fairrecycling is a new national arrangement for recycling of used ICT-equipment so that it may be redistributed globally to areas width scarce ICT- Recourses.
E- Learning

Tårnet i babilani

Babailani represents the future in digital learning resources and appeals to its user’s width its journey into maths and imagination.

Honourable Mention: HITcomet

Hitcomet is an online teaching aid realised as a game where you can make music, CD covers, video and where you are challenged to make a new media presentation of your self and your band that is entered into the Hit comet of the year competition.

Norwegian Centre for Telemedicine

New Doctor

Here every citizen in Norway can change his or her and their children’s doctor.


Browser Technology


Technology in

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