Best Practices


Siveco – România s.a. – Advanced e-Learning Objects, Multimedia presentations, virtual simulations and experiments, electronic lessons, predefined didactic strategies.There are 530 electronic lessons for Romanian schools, which are strongly interactive and provide an advanced e-learning platform for children and teachers.

Softwin – The interactive lessons Intuitext™
1500 animations and multimedia objects, 200 virtual experiments and 20 interactive games transform the educational process into a dynamic, interactive process.

InfoRapArt – A system for generating secure testing and evaluations.
Software tools for generating a data base for secure on-line evaluation and testing.

ISA Multimedia CD-ROMs for children.

Lessons on CD-ROM containing movies with audio explanations, electronic manuals for the IT domains.

VSB GROUP – FiziK for home

The pack Fizik for Home contains simulations of Nature, physical phenomena coupled with exceptional graphic explanations, interactive games as well as biographies of famous physicians.

Arhiepiscopia Vadului, Feleacului ?i Clujului – The Bible-CD-ROM

The electronic version of the Bible with search facilities for scholars and a graphical interface, close to the spirituality of the Holly Book.


The Timisoara Municipality-The Wap service of Timisoara Municipality portal. Diversified on-line functions offering information and services to the citizens of Timisoara. The Romanian Government-official web site. It offers diversified information on executive activity ensuring transparency of decision. Updated in real time.

QCT Connect – Kiosk.connect – An InfoKiosk network for municipalities. Kiosk.connect is a complete informatic system of several Info kiosks allowing easy access to useful information.

Constan:a Municipality- The official Site of Constanta Municipality.

A complex site with rich, well structured content and adequate tools for easy access and updated information.


Realmedia Romania SRL – The Real Estate Business Portal

Real Estate data base with adequate accessing tools. Complete information for Romanian buyers and seller, updated online.

Indaco Systems – The Romanian Standards Catalogue 2005

A CD-ROM application which permits easy and fast access to standards operating in Romania. English and French version on the same CD.

ITC – The Romanian Tourism online initiative to create thematic tourist trips. It offers dynamic orientation in a culturally rich area.

S.C. Minte Virtual: s.r.l. – ALODA.INFO – That’s the way we call today!

Website offering information about mobile and fixed communications. A data base for those who want to pick up the best prices and performances.


LiterNet Association

A cultural portal of the LiterNet Association which has developed 100 titles in nearly three years.

Coman Octavian

Life in communist Romania. A web site which tells sad truths courageously about a past which should not be repeted.

Raluca Nestor

A Virtual Contemporary Art Museum

A virtual Multimedia trip into the Contemporary Art Museum of Romania using 3D and Macromedia Director techniques on an elaborated CD-ROM

ITC SA Brancusi CD-ROM

One of the most elaborated CD-ROMs about the life and work of Constantin Brancusi, the father of world’s modern sculpture. An exceptional content created in more than three years.

Ioana Ieronim&Tom Brandus The lens of a dew drop.

Starting from a cycle of four poems of a known poet, Ioana Ieronim, this DVD creates a balanced poliphonia of sound scripts, text and music, combined with visual effects using last minute multimedia techniques


Muia Vlad – Stormers, CD-ROM

Surprising apparitions of interactive games in a dynamic and heterogeneous world.

Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation – Funny Learning

A lucid frame for accessing important and serious facts.

Surdea Bogdan – The Electronic Magazine UNDe

A legacy of web addresses of authors for the interested user.


AD-ASTRA Association

The web site offered by AD-ASTRA offers an extensive view of Romanian research, especially useful for the Romanian scientific community.

InfoRapArt- Online Poem Generation

Poems generation using a sophisticated program of artificial intelligence available to any amateur using the net.


Alcatel România- The Romanian Traumatology Network

An interactive specialized tool of great practical utility. Its functionality is proved by the great number of users.

CrisDESIGN srl – The on-line medical Agency

A varied and dynamic set of general and updated information from the medical field. Also containing details of scientific events and medical legislation.

Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation – Continuous and Integrated medical education online

Distance medical education program offered by the Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation to medical personnel and nurses. It covers critical field as AIDS and is recognised by the Romanian Medical Association.


Cristina David

Zina-A sort of fiction

A movie whose subject is dedicated to the colourful life of the Gypsy minority (Roma) in Romania.

The Rudolph Walther Foundation

A web site dedicated to the integration of abandoned children, a frustrated lot in Romania.


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