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E-Learning product Interactive www Lesson “Semiconductors and pn Junction of Semiconductors” is located on free self-educational portal for students “eLearn central”: link or

This lesson deals with the basic properties of semiconductors and a pn junction. The lesson includes 10 sections, 21 interactive animations, two types of self testing modules.


How to Take Care Of The basic objective of the project is a reliable, unified, and universal database of public administration procedures for local self-governments in Slovak Republic. The project is an organic component of a comprehensive Central Public Information Portal of Local Self-Governments – The central objective of is the provision of services in public interest.


Electronic Banking of VUB Bank The presentation CD for VUB Bank is a comprehensible, user-friendly
presentation of their different services such as Internet banking, new home banking and GSM banking.


Virtual Heart of Central Europe. Towers, Wells, and Rarities 3D On-line. The Project aims to start the reconstruction of the top European added value places in the Central Europe by creating the ontology using mainly verticals in cultural crossroads cities – towers, wells, and places of the highest added value (as identified by the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage).

All in one. (There are remarkable single-site projects like Virtual Pompei or Sagalassos, but we wish to contribute to the future network.) Up to now this is neither done nor started! (This project was already awarded two prizes). More info at


Connecting mathematics: If you are interested in learning mathematics, it is really important to have a sense of the breadth of the subject, to have a feel for the kind of questions that can be asked and answered, to become familiar with some of the objects that it deals with – not just numbers and equations- and to learn about some of the past greats.

E-Health – the main goals of the Internet portal are to support population growth, and provide professional advice and support in all areas relating to childbirth and motherhood.


Slovakia is looking for Superstar ( – the success of the project was based on the success of the TV mega show Pop Idol abroad.

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