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The Netherlands has a long tradition of multimedia. From 1989 onwards multimedia products have been published on CD-ROM and CD-I, a Philips/Sony CD format. The multimedia experience of the producers came in handy when in 1994 Internet for consumers was launched in the Netherlands. It has yielded an extensive content industry of 1500 companies with an estimated 15.000 employees or self-employed people. This industry however is fragmented. It has several competitions; so there is no national award (yet).

The selection below, which goes back over the years, is a personal choice.


Pool Paradise
Award: 2005
More info:
Because the popularity of electro technical and installation studies among new students is decreasing Ra.NJ has developed a complete 3 dimensional game. The game Professionals II – Pool Paradise is designed in such a way that students will get a feeling of the training in a playful manner. The game centres around the construction of a swimming paradise. The player has convert an old swimming pool into a completely new swimming paradise. All technical aspects involved in this conversion are built into the game.

Frequency 1550
Producer: De Waag
Medium: UMTS
Waag Society developed a ‘mobile learning game’ pilot the Montessori comprehensive school in Amsterdam. It’s a city game using mobile phones and GPS-technology for secondary school students in the age of 12-14. It is a research pilot examining whether it’s possible to provide a technology supported educational location-based experience. In the Frequency 1550 mobile game, students are transported to the medieval Amsterdam of 1550 via a medium that’s familiar to this age group: the mobile phone. The pilot took place in Amsterdam in 2005 from 7 to 9 February and was supported by KPN Mobile’s UMTS network. A new learning game based on this experience is under preparation


3voor 12Broadcasting company VPRO
Award: Overall and category winner Europrix 2004
More info: is authoritative online pop magazine of the Dutch public broadcast company VPRO. It has been re-packaged in a new tight format. All programmes, news items, festivals and, of course, the huge audio – and video archives have been opened up and are more accessible. In the 3voor12 TV version, radio – and Internet makers have produced a 24-hour TV channel with clips and well-known pop-journalistic programmes for the Internet and digital television. It is produced directly from a mini studio and done with a do-it-yourself-mentality. With the various formats, VPRO has skilfully attempted to ensure a nomination in various categories.

Timespots Amsterdam
Producer: Timespots
Medium: PDA
Timespots is an easy-to-use mobile device which offers invaluable information on culture in Amsterdam, navigation and communication you need on your visit to Amsterdam. It is also a phone and camera and can be rented. Timespots offers access to the internet, e-mail, up to date event calendars, local news and a convenient direct dial to local numbers and a hospitality/help desk for any questions you may have. It is a guide to the cultural Amsterdam


Netherlands: a compact world/ Hello Holland
Producer: Talmon Communicatie BV
Medium: CD-ROM
Award: Nomination Europrix 2002; Category winner Europrix 2003
In the beginning of 2002 Talmon Communicatie designed and produced the cd-rom “The Netherlands – a compact world” in collaboration with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This cd-rom is distributed via embassies and consulates in foreign countries; the reactions have been overwhelming. Now a consumer production has been made of it under the title Hello Holland!. This CD-ROM is of equal high-quality, containing additional useful information for tourists and companies. Moreover, it comes with a supplementary website where the user can find even further information, including regularly updated news items and tips. Together they form the perfect Holland portal.

Raad in Beeld;
Company: Municipality of Eindhoven/Noterik
Medium: Internet/broadband
Award: 2004
In collaboration with the Municipality of Eindhoven and Omroep Eindhoven, Noterik developed the Municipality Meeting Online application. Council meetings are transmitted live over the Internet, with unique rich media features, providing citizens and journalists with new ways to interact with local politicians. Additionally, webcasts are enriched with meta-data which enables the advanced retrieval of recorded council videos by using the system’s search engine. The project is presently the most advanced online video application for council meetings in the Netherlands. It demonstrates the potential of new technology to help to provide transparency of governance.


Producer: Fabchannel Foundation
Medium: Online/broadband
Award: 2005
Fabchannel has developed a service, which is technically superior, innovative and strategic. Fabchannel broadcasts live concerts from the Amsterdam pop temple Paradiso and it has more than 300 registrations of concerts on file. With three clicks a user can make his or her selection. Technically the streaming video portal has been developed with Flash and PHP, while Media Player has been chosen for the video streams themselves. With its Internet site, Fabchannel offers a worldwide service of live concerts and concerts from archive. Strategically Fabchannel has a big trump card for internet radio and television, but also for interactive television and video-on-demand. Fabchannel is also working on the Fabplayer with Quicktime and Flash and 360 degree camera on demand. Fabchannel is technically high quality, innovative and strategically future-proof.

Company: Media Republic
Medium: UMTS
Award: Nomination
2GOTV is a new way to watch television. It is the first Dutch tv station for mobile telephone. The station has been started up by a group of Dutch VIPs and keeps the subscribers up to date on automobiles, lifestyle, sport


Villa Neuzenroode
Medium: Online/broadband
Award: Category winner 2005
Villa Neuzenroode is an initiative of the CliniClowns, a volunteer organisation sending clowns to visit hospitalised children. With a webcam these clowns broaden their work from the hospital to the home. De site offers sick children amusement through games, video’s and photographs. The children can communicate with a real live clown through the webcam. Villa Neuzenroode is a multi-user flash-environment in which all technological possibilities available have been brought together with the single goal of facilitating and enabling the optimal online clown-child interaction. The webcam-features and multiple chat rooms form a major part of this. The site is appreciated for the way the site has been set-up and the social goal of the site.


Company: Clockwork
Medium: Internet
Award: Nomination Spinawards
First8 is a visual expression of the 8 UN Millenium Goals. It consists of an Internet site, a booklet and electronic card. First8 shows the poverty in the world in 8 dramatic photographs


Producer: University of Twente
Medium: Online
Award: European Academic Software Award 2004
URL: en
Perfect for introductory psychology or cognition courses, ZAPS is a set of 25 interactive computer experiments that allow students to experience psychological phenomena and classical experiments in exciting and interactive online environment. Each ZAP is designed to be completed in 15 to 30 minutes


Company: 3mensio
Medium: PC
Award: Broos van Erp Award; Rising Star Award
Medical imaging solutions should help bridge the gap between an abundance of data and effective and efficient patient care. In short, radiologists and other medical specialists need an imaging solution that:
– offers speed, instead of slowing them down;
– improves diagnosis and treatment planning;
– is affordable


Olaf & Otto;
Company: Heineken/Qi
Medium: Internet
Award: Spinawards
Olaf & Otto is a viral campaign for Heineken during the European Championships in 2004 to promote the Heineken Hooter. This combination of hooter and hat was an incentive to buy a beer pack of eleven cans. Olaf & Otto visited places, looked for the hooter and made short movies for the Internet site.

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