Best Practices


Let me know Persian.
Interactive lessons for teaching and speaking in Persian (Farsi). It has also an introduction to Iranian culture and sight-seeing. .


Marriage and divorce registration system.
Marriage and divorce registration system automation in Iran.


A business networking of Iran.


Iran view
A CD-ROM displaying Iran’s natural and historical attractions using pictures, movies and panoramas.


Tehran 3D driving
A 3D game which implements the first Iranian 3D engine. The 6th region of Tehran is exactly simulated.


Parasitology CD
A CD containing parasitology information and health snippets from the Tehran University.


Talking Glove
Talking Glove is a programme to help pwoplw with speech difficulties. Different finger positions make different sounds. It is an instrument using human voice instead of music and has been created by Hosein Delavari.


Embroidery designer
An application in response to Iran embroidery’s small-business needs. It can connect ordinary machines to computers making home-business an easy proposition.

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