BEST practices


Website, CD/DVD-ROM
eLEARNING (ID:3030) made by Kossi Gbedey ATTIOGBE (
One of the very first e-Learning websites to have promoted Open Source Software in Togo. The site presented many courses related to Linux operating systems.


Website, applications
eGOUVERNMENT (ID: 1030) made by Eric PEIJMANS (
A website for Tourism in Togo and related information. Gives details on visa acquirement, travel agencies, tourist spots, hotels, and so on.


Website, CD/DVD-ROM, applications, product and services
eBUSINESS (ID :7036) presented by Agbéko DOGBA ( It is a site with proposed B2C and B2B concepts to the public. It also proposes entertainment.


Website, CD/DVD-ROM
eCULTURE (ID :5033)
Interactive DVD-ROM called DENYIGBAN or THE NATIVE LAND made by a team conducted by Komi Kekeli BUTU-AGADEZUKPO ( This site also has a forum at the following address denyigban. The product presents the cultural and artistic aspects of Togo, which locally means Denyigban i.e The Native Soil.


Website, CD/DVD-ROM
eENTERTAINMENT (ID :4025) made by Adjéï Takpa BOUTORA (
This website is one of the rare products on e-Entertainment in Togo. It presents a theatre troupe which organises many activities within and outside the country.


Website, CD/DVD-ROM
eSCIENCE (ID :6027) made by a team conducted by Kodjo GONCALVES (, a Togolese from the diaspora living in Canada. It is a University research on hypermedia.


Website, CD/DVD-ROM
eHEALTH (ID : 2021) made by Ousman WEREM (
A website which talks about malaria, the most fatal disease in Africa in general, particularly in Togo.


Website, CD/DVD-ROM
eINCLUSION (ID:8033) presented by Ephrem KOUTOUMNA ( This site is an effort to contribute to the ITC promotion in Least Developed Countries, particularly Togo.

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