Best Practices


Dubai Municipality‘s Web Site:

Dubai Municipality Portal is designed to meet the needs of Dubai residence and visitors with more than 300 online services.

Touch Screen:
Dubai Police e-services portal, delivered to the public through the use of one-stop services.

RAK e-Government Portal:
Provides e-Government services to Ras Al Khaimah residents.

Digital self-learning material that teaches students ICT skills in grades 1 – 9 ICT skills.

e-Campus Knowledge Online @ Sharjah Colleges (ECKO):
Community that undertakes teaching, learning, administrative and management tasks from a single common interface.

Career Coach:
The Career Coach is an innovative, multimedia package, which comprises a series of personal and career development workshops tailor-made for Middle Eastern students.

ExpatWoman website is a monthly magazine regularly read by over 30,000 women, worldwide.

Yahadi Web Browser:
Yahadi browser is a powerful multilingual web browser and designer.

Arabian Encyclopedia for Computers and Internet:
An Arabian encyclopedia in computers and Internet technology.

A comprehensive free Arabic Digital library.

It offers a wide variety of information on Dubai and the UAE from an Insider’s point of view.

Dubai Photo Blog:
This is first Dubai Photo Blog which tries to cover the lifestyle of people living in Dubai and events.

CAD, GIS, & GPS Magazine:
An Arabic portal for Computer Aided Design (CAD), Geographical Information System (GIS), Remote Sensing (RS), Global Positioning System (GPS), and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) technologies.


It provides visitors and members with comprehensive, well-structured and personalised information about the B2B industry in the UAE and the surrounding region.

Jotun Professionals Network:
The company offers customers rewarding value exchanges/interactions online through provision of e-content.

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