Best Practices


Pax Warrior
A war game that makes the user responsible for the decisions undertaken before the genocide of Rwanda.

This site explains all the steps involved in the theatrical production and allows users to play at being the director in a very interactive way.

A method of teaching English academically through a cube interface to children.
Panza (Belly)
Panza is a website with the perfect tool for all kids learning to multiply and divide. This site explains in a linear manner a better way to learn the multiplication table, and presents exciting games for practice.

Panza teaches through games proving its mastery over information technology. The concept is developed with an educational intent, coinciding with the most functional pedagogical principles. From the organization of the information to the characters interacting with the user, it allows fast access to the different sectors and takes pains to mask the “academic” environment, thus making children enter the world of multiplication with great fun.


Online Voting System (Estonia)
The site allows citizens to vote through the Internet using their official identification.

Enrique Jackson
In Latin America there exists a traditional cultural barrier that makes it very difficult for the common citizen to directly contact the power groups in the political sphere.This website — even though it is a medium of political propaganda where a party’s candidate exposes his strategy and motives to become president — presents the user an opportunity to discuss issues of popular or particular interest through a blog. Through this option, the site becomes a channel of direct communication with the candidate, thus dissolving the cultural barrier and addressing the common man’s uncertainties.

Life and Work of Aram Kachaturian
Multimedia biography of the musician.

The e-culture portal has become the common ground for different profile users to connect to Mexico and the rest of the world from one location. The site addresses describes the many-layered cultural ethos of Mexico, allowing artists, general audiences and the private institutions to interact with the government. It has, over time, become the hub of online culture. This portal also allows access to a host of cultural interactive sites, projects and products that have chosen the Internet as a means of expansion.

Jazz in Azerbaijan

The ideal website for Jazz lovers.

Huevocartoon is a perfect example of how a channel like the Internet can transform an idea into a franchise. Originally designed under an economic system reigned by advertisement, the success of its animations allowed a system of paid entertainment to migrate. The characters have been commercialized and have become a brand now used by third parties. The same fame has also brought laughter to thousands of users and allowed the channel to establish its own line of merchandising products sold online, an example for e-business product.

Through the characters (all of them eggs), the site has earned its place among different audiences, for not only does it update its animations constantly, but also encourages intelligent discussions on politics, entertainment and celebrities.

Commanding the battle for the world economy heights

World history from a political and economical perspective in an impeccable interface. A site full of information on social science.

Correo del Maestro (Teacher’s Mail)
Correo del Maestro is a digital magazine issued weekly with thought-provoking articles for teachers disseminating culture and science. This online publication provides tools to go deeper into classroom topics.

The site also allows access to previous issues and information on other classes and lab practice. Besides the magazine, the site also comes with a multimedia branch that is added monthly with interactive tools for various subjects and illustrates scientific processes at the elementary level.

Contraception Awareness Project
A website on sexuality for all groups.

Todo en Salud (Everything in Health)
It is common in Mexico for people to medicate or treat themselves with medicine or solutions given by friends or family members. These social practices often arise because communities do not find useful information about the most common diseases.

Everything in Health is a portal created by a community in which a group of doctors, specialists and people involved with the most common diseases (diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol and obesity) actively participate to help everyone in need. The website has the support of professionals who answer doubts of patients, family members or even doctors through a window of direct communication. It also counters the myths around diseases by providing accurate data for timely treatment. The patient is also told when he needs to go to a specialty centre and see a doctor.


Deaf Planet
An interactive site designed as a meeting ground for the deaf and dumb.

Periodísmo Indígena P´urhépecha de México (Journalism) is the first Indian online newspaper in Latin America. It has given a boost to the culture and electronic memory of P´urhépechas. The topics involve the P´urhépecha community, hence allowing those living far from their homes in Michoacan to create a bond and establish a cultural communication.

All sections are written in both Spanish and P´urhépecha, thus enhancing the cultural identity of this group and creating a beginning in the history of the community’s native language. Since its publication online, it has made other groups and communities sit up and yearn for the same advancement through electronic media


Librerías Gandhi (Bookstores)
Gandhi is a renowned bookstore with branches only in main cities. It is the nation’s first Mexican online bookstore.

Since its online opening, its sales have steadily risen, paving the way for its future success even outside the capital city.

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