Best Practices


Mission Voices

Hi-5 Fun Club


ABC Playground Website

Macquarie Dictionary Online – National Dictionar

The Learning Federation: National Online Interactive Curriculum Content Developer

The Australian Army – Sergeant Offensive Operations simulation training system

Mission Voices: by Ricci Swart Multimedia

Brisbane City Council Green Home by Impart Australia


Brisbane City Council Green Home

NSW Government Pattern Book: eGovernment building planning guide

Government Online Directory

Australian Taxation Office – Online return filing

Australian Broadcasting Commission: National Broadcaster

Special Broadcasting Service: Multilingual National Broadcaster

Massive Interactive – The Pattern Book NSW Government urban planning website


Looksmart: Australian International Internet search solutions provider

Commsec: Australia’s #1 online share trader Australia’s #1 real estate website

Seek Australia’s #1 employment website

Online Street Directory Mapping

InsNet – Sunrise Exchange Insurance Extranet

Windsor Smith e-commerce site by Spin New Media:


Strange Attractors

Noise: national festival showcasing and celebrating the creativity of young Australians (25 and under).

National Library of Australia – Treasures from the World’s Great Libraries

Lonely Planet: Web guide of one of the world leading travel information publisher

National Library of Australia – Treasures from the World’s Great Libraries

Strange Attractors


Ninemsn Portal

Australia’s #1 News and General Information Portal

Telstra BigPond:

V8 Supercars

ABC Online:

Games Developers Association of Australia: representing Australia’s interactive game industry domestically and internationally

BigPond V8 Supercars by Massive Interactive


The ExperiMENTALS:

Cisco Australia (formerly Radiata) developer of WIFI Standards

Lake Technology – Leading audio technology company

Animal Logic

Fx Technology and of the worlds top 10 digital visual effects companies
National ICT Australia
Australia’s National ICT research organization

ABC New Media – Long Way to the Top iTV series

ABC Online – The Lab

The ExperiMENTALS ABC New Media and Digital Services


Underworld: Funny, frank and funky sex education for teenagers

Telehealth: NSW Government initiatives

Telehealth: The Haptic Workbench; leading research initiative

Pacific Knowledge Systems Leader in Health Informatics technologies

Government health information website

Walter and Eliza Hall Institute
Australia’s leading centre of medical research

Liquid Animation’s Youth Health CD-ROM Series

Big hArt – Nuff Stuff

Underworld by Dataworks Australia and Jennie Swain


Nuff Stuff – Big hArt

ABC’s Radio Australia

Community Technology Centres

Australian Government Jobsearch Portal

Global Education Initiative

Radio Australia: ABC New Media and Digital Services

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