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Winner: Historia Clínica Digital
Province of Buenos Aires
Mar del Lata city
Responsable: Oscar García

The modular and flexible infrastructure of the project gives it a headstart. Its low cost and high potentiality means it can be applied across many areas of in the area of public health. Access to Open Source Tools enhances its utility.

Among other characteristics, it encourages the participation of other developers and users, contemplates their training needs, generates more interdisciplinary work, and transforms the health service model.

Special mentions

Servicio de Toxicología (SERTOX)
Province: Santa Fe
Responsible: Dr. Juan Carlos Piola

Interconsulta Virtual – Instituto Zaldivar
Province: Mendoza
Responsible: Dr. Roberto Zaldívar


Winner: Enciclopedia de Misiones
Province: Misiones
City: Posadas
Responsible: Patricia Bertoloti

This encyclopedia about Misiones is an innovative proposal, because it can integrate, in information and communication system capable of creating concepts like:

• Digital files (a collection that retrieves edited and unpublished material written by more than a hundred local authors).
• Preservation of cultural heritage (helps to preserve texts which have few copies, makes known different cultural traditions that were forgotten, and values local authors from a transversal viewpoint).
• Preservation of indigenous languages (including Spanish-Guaraní / Guaraní-Spanish dictionary)

Special mentions

Bola de Mondongo
Province: Santa Fe -Rosario city
Responsible: Pablo Galarza

Province: Santa Fe – de Rosario city
Responsible: Fernando Canabal


Winner: Plan Provincial Hacia el Gobierno Digital – Gobierno de Mendoza
Province: Mendoza
Responsible: Elida Rodríguez

It was created for the 2003 / 2005 triennium with the express purpose of promoting “efficiency, efficacy, transparent and good quality services, and activities unable to be delegated by the State, with a clear spirit of service to the citizens.”

Needless to say, it gained tremendous political support cutting across party lines because it showed results irrespective of the economic scenario and the changes in government. It integrated alliances not only within public bodies but also between private and public groups.

The plan also attracted special financing, and so remarkable were products and services that its use came to usher a change in the cultural outlook towards the Government and issues like citizenship.

Special Mentions

Municipalidad de Rafaela
Province: Santa Fe
Responsible: Marcelo Sanchez

Municipalidad de Rosario
Province: Santa Fe
Responsible: Nora Ventroni

SINTYS – Sistema de Identificación Nacional Tributario y Social – SINTyS
National Government
Responsible: SINTYS

Municipalidad de Palpalá
Province: Jujuy
Responsible: Orlando Medrano Ortiz


Winner: EOG Mouse
Province: Entre Ríos
Province: Santa Fe -Rosario city
Responsible: Guillermo Dos Santos

Any person suffering from muscular paralysis will require expensive and sophisticated equipment in order to operate a computer. El EOG-Mouse is a simplified alternative, it is efficient and it makes it easier to control the computer with the movement of one’s eyes, offering an innovative option but with a lower cost than other similar systems already available in the international market. The design of a man-computer interface helps to tract the user’s gaze thereby prompting the mouse to work.

Special mentions

Producción Bovina de Carne
Province: Cordoba
City: Río Cuarto
Responsible: O. Bavera

City: Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires


Winner: Proceso de la Asociación Civil Nodo Tau
Province: Santa Fe -Rosario city
Responsible: Danilo Lujambio

Nodo Tau is a civil non-profit association of computer professionals, educators, and social enthusiasts devoted to making access to new information technologies easier for regional community organizations (the neighborhood, ecclesiastical, and environmental organizations, cooperatives, schools, and communitarian centers). The main goal is to strengthen their institutional action and create a dynamic response among organizations fighting against poverty and exclusion and in favor of environmental care, human and social rights.

Special mentions

City:Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Responsible: Pablo Javier Lecouna

Province: Rio Negro
City: Viedma
Responsible: Nestor Busso

City: Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Responsible: Antonio Harris

City:Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Responsible: Sonia Boiarov


Winner: Programa de Alfabetización Digital (PAD)
City:Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Responsible: Pablo Aristizabal – COMPETIR

PAD is a program designed to complement an initiative called “My PC” Program launched by the Argentinean Government together with private companies. “My PC” Program was one of the main initiatives to promote technology, it was initiated in March 2005 with more than 70,000 installations and its goal is to reach more than 1 million people.

“PAD” combines a new dual technological solution (on and off line) and a pedagogical-instructional design that helps digitally excluded people to gradually develop without losing direct contact with their environment or their PC’s.

Special mentions

Atlas de diversidad Cultural
City: Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Portal Educación

Gobierno de Mendoza
Responsible: Perla Cremaschi

De la Universidad a la escuela
City: Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Responsible: Cristina del Carmen Perez – Ana María Pagnini

Histología Virtual
Province: Córdoba
Universidad Nacional de Córdoba
Responsible: Rodolfo Ávila

Magazine Horizonte
City: Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Responsible: Rey Valzachi


City: Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Responsible: Marcela Czarny

This is the first major Internet portal in Argentina designed especially for children. It is also the first portal available to users from Latin America and Spain. Its content and guarantee of safe links, makes a first-rate website and provides children a wonderful gateway to the Internet and is easily accessible from schools, homes, cyber cafes and locutorios. It is also a favourite with Argentinian parents and teachers.

Special Mentions

Kitto pizzas
City: Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Responsible: Martín Malamud

The Elixir
Province: Santa Fe – Ciudad de Rosario
Responsible: Máximo Radice


Winner: Campus Virtual E-ducativa
Province: Santa Fe – Ciudad de Rosario
Responsible: Horacio Masacchesi – Sabastian Martín
The 5.4 version, which is currently available in the market can be analyzed in detail on

A version of Campus e-ducativa Open Collage is currently being developed to be licensed as “Software Libre para Colegios de Educación Formal Básica.”

The National Jury promotes the use of E-ducativa in the business field as a model of Argentine development competing with the best in the world market. It has won important projects, both national and international, and is being used by prestigious public and private universities in Argentina and abroad.

Special mentions

Mi Empresa
City: Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Responsible: Pablo Aristizabal – COMPETIR

Blockware – Attakka
Province: Santa Fe – ciudad de Rosario
Responsible: Federico Seineldin – OPENWARE

Home Banking – Banco Río
City: Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Responsible: Juan Pablo Gutierrez

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