Best Practices


The Global Campus: An initiative that has the chief aim of building a global e-learning community through the intelligent utilization of the evolving distance learning state-of-the art tools and techniques.

The Arab Cyber Education (ACE): A  joint project between an Egyptian firm and the US- National Education Foundation jointly present various ICT Distance Learning courses that are offered in both Arabic and English languages.

Arabic Language for non-native Speakers: An educational portal that aims at teaching Arabic language and Islam to Muslims around the world. The Arab Academy offers a comprehensive learning package for non-native speakers that guide them through all Arabic language levels.

Cinema & TV: The program, which is offered in both languages – Arabic and English, aims at providing the distinctive opportunity of learning the professional arts of direction, editing, photography, decoration, sound, production, and animation for all those who didn’t get the chance to study in cinema academies and institutions.
Little Horus: The first Egyptian website especially designed for children. The website consists of over 700 pages of information and illustrations that address children between the ages 6 to 15 in both Arabic and English.


National Egyptian e-government Program: Aims at improving government operations and provide citizen-centric services. The vision of e-government is to provide services to the public in an accessible, relevant and up-to-date format. The project is sponsored by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology in cooperation with the Ministries of State for Administrative Development, Interior, Justice, Finance, Supply and Trade, Electricity and Power, Industry, Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and will eventually involve all Egyptian ministries and government bodies.


Arab Finance: E-business projects targeting to become the comprehensive financial gateway for the Arab world offered in both English and Arabic.


Egyptian Culture Heritage in the Digital Age: Founded by the 69 by the ‘National Center for Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage’, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Environment, The Ministry of Information and Communication Technology and Bibliotheca Alexandrina (Alexandria Library).


Yallabina: Egypt and Jordan’s prime online entertainment guide that takes fun lives seriously. The site is targeted to young men and women who are dynamic, outgoing and most of all Internet novice users. There are several dynamic sections cradled within the site that provide its users with a variety of services enhancing the aspect of Egypt and Jordan’s great entertainment scene. These sections range from restaurant and movie reviews, to miscellaneous articles, alongside the most up-to-date restaurant, nightlife and cinema database, through to the daily what’s on events in Cairo, Alexandria and Amman.


Egyptian National STI Network: Founded in early 1980’s by the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology “ASRT” to serve the scientific and technical community in Egypt by developing a  national databases that cover Egyptian literature in science and technology that is updated continuously and regularly and providing access to national and international databases and providing document delivery services by means of computers, communications and laser technology.


Children with special Needs Program: National Council for Childhood and Motherhood (NCCM) has prepared a national strategy concerning care for children with special needs in Egypt . The strategy identified the problem of handicapping in Egypt in terms of the wide gap between the number of children with special needs and number of people offering the services from that point NCCM planned for narrowing this gap by two parallel objectives: the first is to stop the increase  in umber of special needs through raising the awareness about the prevention early detection and early intervention of handicapping and the second is by educating the mother on how to care for her special need child in proper way so the ratio number of special need children and people giving the services would reach 1:1


ICT for Developing the Egyptian Community: Recognizing the impact of digital divide, Cabinet of Ministers Information and Decision Support Center ‘IDSC’ has initiated and implemented ‘Information For Development’ projects in the different fields for community development as follows:

» Information Support IDSC is providing National databases in different sectors to empower use of information to accelerate socio-economic development, and also granting access to all types of development databases.

» Human Resources Development Managing a national IT training program to combat the digital divide.
» Public Services Providing an access point to the public to create transparent and equal opportunities in getting governmental services and products.

» Marketing and Business Development Supporting SME in rural areas to outreach the global markets.

» National Initiatives Triggers and supports national initiatives between the government and Private sector and NGO’s to extend ICT services to the public.

» Workshops and Conferences IDSC continually works on opening  channels with its counterparts

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