BEST practices


Multimedia projects that help people to study or to improve their skills. They should make a contribution to changing the world of teaching – to make schools, universities etc more interactive and personalised. Other projects acceptable in that category are e-learning communities and models or solutions for corporate training using ICTs.


Projects that effectively preserve and present cultural heritage using the new media.


Projects that make scientific issues – problems or solutions – accessible to citizens, using the new media. Alternatively, they can enable scientists to work together using the new media.
Projects that aid the state in serving citizens more effectively, using the new media.


Projects that use ICTs to improve the health care system.


Multimedia projects that support or optimise business operations. Alternatively, projects in that category can be business ideas that are based on making use of the new media.


High-quality games that entertain and educate.


Projects that help the least developed countries of the world to get access to the Information Society. They should focus on giving people the contents and applications they need to live a better life.

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