Best Practices


The framework for the service of e-learning: comprises management of distance education, an authoring system, virtual classrooms with student-instructor and student-student interaction.

An Asynchronous Collaborative E-learning System: comprises management of distance education, an authoring system, virtual classrooms, and collaborative learning.

A Mobile Voting System: conducts voting for elections using mobile / cell phones.

Sudanese Diaspora Services System: is used for The purpose of tax collection from Sudanese Working Abroad, and also issues exit visas.


Sudan Wild Life: enables users to browse over wild life animals.

Okapi Sudan: is an order system.

EL Shaikh al-Borie: comprises interviews of the Sufi  Shaikh,  songs, poems, sufi dance, and community celebrations.

Sudan home: is a news and message board used by a large community of Sudanese who live abroad to debate issues and exhange ideas.


Arabic Poetry (Mutaraha Shiariya): is a poetry recitation game where the ability of two players to recall poetry from memory in a certain manner is challenged.

Sarab: contains entertainment , and picture clippings.

Petro Lab: is  interactive and is aimed at exposing users to scientific activities.

Juba Medicine: is aimed at exposing users to health activities.

Dinka Dance: showcases the dance of an African tribe, and a film composed of hand drawings and drum rhythms.

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