Best Practices


The European Institute for Correspondence Courses: offers (to interested persons) free foreign language lessons.

The Academy for Economic Studies: The official web site  which provides complete information regarding the institution and its faculty, and has a digital library, online tests, a virtual campus.


The National Electronic System: A secure, centralized point of access for all government-related services and information, and has two main components: a one stop shop for electronic public services and a one stop shop for electronic administrative forms.

The national e-procurement system An instrument that has lead to important savings in public spending  as well as an increase in transparency for public acquisitions and a decrease of corruption in the governmental system.

The electronic system for allocating international transport authorizations: A system that ensures the management of transport authorizations granted by the state.


Biz city A business portal.

Afacerionline is an international en-gros market which is focused on Romanian business.


The national museum for the Romanian peasants.

Humoristic writers A web site dedicated to one of the best Romanian humoristic writers.

Modern Sculptor A web site dedicated to the best internationally-known modern Romanian sculptor.


A web site dedicated to Astrology and Horoscopes

Humoristic group ‘Divertis': The web site of the humoristic group.


National Museum for Natural Science ‘Grigore Antipa': Offers a complete presentation of the exhibits, and a virtual tour of the museum.


Ask your doctor: A portal dedicated to family doctors and their patients with interactive features.

Parinti: A portal dedicated to people that are to be parents, as well as to those that already are, comprising information on health issues, forums with advice etc.

Desprecopii: A portal with an extensive content regarding children, parents and families. It also includes an important section dedicated to health.


Romanothan: The the resource site of Roma/Gypsies in Romania.

Expres: The most visited web site belonging to a national newspaper which is well known for its interaction possibilities  (forums, opinions expressed on each article etc.).

Capital: Declared the best web site for news in 2003.

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