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Learning Content Creation System is a web based authoring system that allows users to create e-learning courses in a pure online environment, without any need for software installation.
uLearn is an e-learning platform that is comparable with international ones.

The Little Mole is a CD-ROM from Gratex International where the five best-known film stories about Little Mole, based on the book by Zdenek Miler, can be found on this CD-ROM in ten different language versions.

Kaufland CBT (Computer Based Training) is a CD-ROM from L&T which helps provide training to incoming goods staff in more than 80 company branches in the Czech Republic. Results achieved by individual employees are collected centrally and evaluated.

UVTIP Varieties and protection of the agricultural products is a very well developed CD-ROM from UVTIP Nitra in the area of agriculture.


Obè is a public information portal facilitating the communication of public administration with citizens. is a very nice multimedia presentation of Slovakia.

Úrad vlády SR is the official web site of the Slovak Government.


Interactive exchange of job vacancies is the largest interactive job server in Slovakia, covering approximately 90% of the online recruitment market. is a virtual shop for selling books, CD, video, etc. with many additional features.

eTarget is an excellent marketing and advertising tool.

Slovak Brickworks (Slovenské tehelne) is a CD-ROM from Studio 001 with detailed information about the company Wienerberger.

Inzercia is a portal for advertisements with many excellent features allowing the use of the micropayment method and payment via SMS.


About-Slovakia is a amusing and mysterious CD-ROM with interactive information about Slovakia (i.e. text, photographs, video sequences) which can be further edited. is rich source of information about the region of Liptov, in 7 languages.

Lux in Tenebris is a CD-ROM from EL&T about Baroque in Slovakia in the historic context of Central Europe with 32 expert studies by renowned Slovak, Austrian and Hungarian scholars, 450 images with notes, a bibliography, as well as possibilities to familiarize oneself with important objects of architecture and art and historic material via navigation lines and technical features

Awaken song is an information portal about folk culture in Slovakia.

Ministerstvo kultúry SK is the information portal of the Ministry of Culture.


Timehunt is an online Treasure Hunt, on the theme of Time, Science and Renaissance Thought.


Sokoliar Tomá is a DVD-ROM about a boy falconer in medieval Europe.
Pohladnice is the first postcard server in Slovakia since 1996 enabling the transmission of virtual, animated or paper postcards as well as SMS pictures, logos, and ring tones to mobile phones. is a portal with a lot of jokes, pictures, animations, etc.


UNVEILED SECRETS No.1: MIG-29 Fulcrum is a Multimedia CD from Kreativ assigned to plastic kit modellers, military freaks and students of military academies. is an information portal about science.

Slovenská akadémia vied is the information portal of the Slovak Academy of Science.


Edusan offers health advice. is a medical portal with comprehensive information for parents who are expecting or already have new-born babies.

Ministerstvo zdravotníctva SK is the official web site of the Ministry of Health. is a medical portal with a lot of useful information.

Health Ne is a Slovak health network developed by the Foundation for Prevention of Civilization Diseases.


Project e-Slovakia stands on three pillars:
» Connecting schools to the Internet
» Educating users, and
» creating content: iAccess, iEducation, and iContent.

Infovek successfully started the process of information technology development

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