Best practices


EHO: It is the major Slovene Internet Platform for E-Learning which works by promoting existent e-Learning programmes and facilitating the creation of new programs for students and tutors, managers and developers.


Parliament RS On-Line/
Slovene General Assembly On-Line:
Here, the Slovene Parliament provides people the opportunity to follow its sessions online in real time. seje.html

MID, Ministrstvo za informacijsko dru¾bo”/Ministry for Information Society:
It provides access to information on relevant phenomena or events regarding the information society in the country, within EU and globally. It give citizens the opportunity to engage in live discussions with the Minister on a regular basis.

CVI, Center vlade za informatiko/ Center for Informatics of the Government of Slovenia: it is a central portal which provides access to all Governmental Institutions on the web, from the Constitutional Court to Local Communities and Universities, including Government Servers in other countries.


PARSEK PC2iOS: It is an innovative software platform for the rapid deployment and effective management of web applications, web services, and integrated e-Applications.

IGEA: This site provides the visualization of geographical information aimed at developing business solutions in the real estate enterprises.

BOLHA: It is an interactive auction web site which is  dedicated to the trading of used goods.


RTV Slovenia: In addition to live streaming of TV and RA terrestrial programmes, the site provides free and easy access to video and audio archives of a majority of the programmes recently produced by RTV Slovenia.

Videodokument: This is a cross media archive on the history of video art in Slovenia, a catalogue, a book of essays,  CD-ROM and an interactive web site designed to enable the periodical renewal of the data.

Trajekt: It is a web magazine and an interactive portal facilitating discussions on architecture and the planning of space.


Kindvor: An interactive portal, dedicated to promoting film culture and art cinema going, including information on the films playing in Slovene Art Cinema Network.


Makrolab: It is a mobile unit, dedicated to research in the fields of telecommunications, migration and weather systems in order to identify, map, and investigate their physical,  psychic, social, political and artistic dimensions.


Kartica Zdravstvenega Zavarovanja/
Slovene Health Insurance Card: This document helps implement the health insurance rights in Slovenia, assists in the easy and direct transfer of data between insured persons, the insurance company and the health care organizations.


HIPULAB: This is a hypermedia classroom and laboratory,  equipped with media tools to enable distance earning, this bridging the gap between university and the outside world.

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