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Maintened by Telefonica Foundation: Its goal is to incentive the use of the Internet to bridge the digital divide in the educational field.

E-learning website of Dom Cabral University: Since 1996 the University offers a MBA through the Internet, plus several other courses.

São Paulo’s University (USP): The number one university in the country. English and Spanish versions are available.

Website, CD-rom and book about Saint Ignacio de Loyola and his teachings: The content provides the educational vision of the jesuits and Companhia de Jesus. Portuguese and Spanish versions available.

For kids and teenagers, this combo of website and book collection enhances the lessons learned at school. Content: Mathematics, Geography, History, Sciense and Portuguese. Teachers and students can print tests and activities from the website.


Portal of the country: The content is great, but is in Portuguese only which is an absurd.

Government and Its Services: i.e. social initiatives and benefits, links to other services, and so on so forth. Fully interactive, it is in Portuguese only, since it targets brazilian citizens.

São Paulo’s Government Official website: Several services and informations are available online.

Costumer and Citizen Rights Association website:

Here you can trade Public Bonds online.


E-procurement website from a company called Itautec: Owned by Itau Bank.

A webiste for journalists only: Major companies are using it through its PR companies to manage info and crisis, hold virtual press-conferences.Registered users have access to exclusive contents, polls, search for jobs, etc.

Buy your movie and theater tickets online

Internet banking technology and services: From my bank, Unibanco. You can do everything here to manage your account, pay taxes and bills, invest, etc.

The Post-office website: Pays bills, send letters, track packages,create your own free-webmail, learn about regulations for postal services, etc.


Cultural foundation: For 15 years they preserve Brazilian culture and also hold conferences, exibithions and seminars. Itaucultural have created Itaulab who do researches using cutting edge ICT technologies to preserve our cultural memory.

Santos Dumont: This CD-Rom was created to preserve the memory of Alberto Santos Dumont, the inventor of the airplane, except for the US. Fully interactive, you can virtually visit Dumont’s house in Rio de Janeiro, read documents, learn about its airplane models.

People’s Museum: Tells our history through famous and anonymous people.

Alternative forms of electronic writing at a Moo environment: Utilizes the computer as co-author in the process of recreating words. A software configured as a virtual ‘broken typewriter’ produces alternatives to letter sequences. This mathematically-oriented process de-scribes written languages, through computerized semi-random letter substitutions causing intentional mispellings. The machine response generates a new electronic writing form. The objective is to create new terms for poetical, literary, aesthetic, political, linguistic, theoretical or scientific purposes and to conceive computer processes able to renew language codes. The process undermines the idea that languages must be protected by institutions from possible changes. Language is seen, otherwise, as a living entity, reflecting social forces and technologies.


The number one music website: 200 millions of page views/month, 140 thousand unique visitors dailly, more than 3.7 million registered users and more than 9 million of personal radios.

The content here is created by the registered users: You rank restaurants, bars, hotels, movies, etc.

This is the first entertainment and quiz portal in Brasil, created back in 1998.

Globo Media Center, from Globo TV: Video on demand from TV shows, soup operas, sitcoms, etc. But the historic archive, with vintage productions from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s is the main attraction here.

Teenagers and Young Adults: Music, chats, news, sports, comics, and much more from the youth universe.


Nexus science maganize: It is about science and technology.

Learn about Hidroponics:

Super Interessante (Super Interesting): maganize is the source to curious people. This series bring to digital world the content of each magazine since 1996.


Fleury: Founded in 1926, This is a full-fledged center for Diagnosis. Apart from being a well-known center for clinical analysis Fleury offers complete ambulatory services in medical diagnosis, the widest in scope in Brazil. Patients, partners and doctors can access test results online. The content also includes multimedia info for doctors and patients.

Nutritionists and health professionals: Very complete: online tests, huge data-base of publications, FAQs, interactive chats, schedule of national and international events, etc.

Multimedia content, schedule of events, tests: All target to health community.

Blood-donation website from Pro-Sangue foundation: Today the Internet drives more blood-donators than any other medium. English and Spanish versions available.


The Ethos Institute of Business and Social Responsibility: An association of companies of any size and/or sector that is interested in developing activities in a socially responsible manner, in a permanent process of evaluation and improvement.

Website for senior people (over 65 years old): It teaches about ICT to this group of citizen.

Fome Zero (Zero Hunger): One of most important social projects from Brazilian Government to address poverty and hunger. This website, created by the civil society, helps companies to engage into the program, offer donations, etc.

Created in 2001 by NGO Viva Rio: The website targets poor people who live on Rio de Janeiro’s “favelas”. It provides access through ICT to community activities in music, arts and education, among others.

IG Cidadania: Hosted by number of Brazilian portal IG. It provides a broad range of information on citizenship.

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