Best Practices


101 Distance Learning Centre: The most popular e-learning site in China with comprehensive approach, having distant learning concept.

HKU SPACE Online Universal Learning (SOUL): An e-learning solution provider with 2 million page views per day.

Hong Kong Education City: A large-scale education infrastructure.
Ssreader: The world’s biggest Chinese e-library with a collection of over 250,000 digital books. Over 20 million e-books have been downloaded free since the year 2000. The online arm of The Beijing University (Beida), is an advanced e-learning institution on the Internet.


Electronic Service Delivery (ESD) Scheme: Provides a central platform that allows the public to transact business with the HKSAR Government round-the-clock through a number of access channels, in particular the Internet.

E-statutory Plans System, Planning Department of the HKSAR Government: The Town Planning Department web site has made use of advanced GIS technology to offer a comprehensive and transparent e-statutory Plan, e-planning info Archives and e-services for the general public.

E- Services Portal for School – Education and Manpower Bureau: The e-services Portal for School’s main purpose is to provide a reliable, secure and user-friendly web-based system for teachers (including principals) to enjoy multiple e-services and to input various kinds of survey data online.

The Electronic Tendering System (ETS): As one of the world’s first government electronic tendering systems, the ETS allows suppliers from all over the world to receive notification of tenders, submit tender offers and receive notification of tender awards through the Internet.

Smart ID Cards: The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is issuing smart identity (ID) cards to replace the existing ID cards.


Wisers Information Limited: Engaged in the business of Chinese information aggregation, processing and dissemination for the vast corporate sector. The world’s largest marketplace for global trade and is the leading provider of online marketing services for importers and exporters.

Outblaze: As a start-up, Outblaze pioneered the development and provision of multilingual Internet community solutions.

Tradelink’s mission is to enhance the productivity and competitiveness of Hong Kong’s trading community by making available a range of value-added electronic commerce services.

Centaline Property Agency: The most popular online city map in Hong Kong.


The Splendid Chinese Culture Website: This is Hong Kong’s first and major cultural project which makes use of information technology while being in line with the local education reform. This interactive e-learning program comprises eighteen series with a total of 200 topics.

Hong Kong Film Archive: The Archive often encounters prints and artefacts that have been damaged due to extended neglect. Our Conservation Section is responsible for restoring those damaged films and providing a sound environment for our collection’s safekeeping.

DongDongQiang Chinese Opera Web Site: This is the first e-project in China focusing on in the preservation of traditional Chinese Opera culture.

Interactive Web Based Chinese Poem Composer: Tang Poem and others have certain rules of ‘Rhythm’, ‘ping’, ‘ze’, and ‘yun’ among others.  It is a very difficult task for most people nowadays to compose one that satisfies the rules. The designed system frees the user from the mechanical rules.

China Culture Tour Web Site: The China Culture Tour Web Site has collected database of over 10,000 most popular culture tour centres’ information in China.


Centro Special Digital Effect of the Feature Film ‘Shaolin Soccer’: Leveraged on its proprietary Digital Effect technologies, Centro create a highly impressive and innovation film feature for one of the most popular movie ‘Shaolin Soccer’.

Ourgame: The most popular game site in China that only offers interactive and healthy e-game. The most popular Chinese MUD (Multiple User Domain) Online game in the world with over a million registered players. One of the most popular online game in China with a historical Chinese background.

RTHK on Internet: Media is a form of culture and entertainment. Online on-demand archive services are also provided.


Agricultural Expert: Idea is to establish agricultural extension networks based on information technology.

Vegetation Distribution system, Macao Cartography and Cadastre Bureau, Macao SAR Government: Leveraged on the most advanced GIS technology, the site successfully developed a platform for communication between vegetation scientist, government, and citizens.

Beijing Chinese Medicines Museum Web Site: This web site shows the history of Chinese medicines and the charms of the Chinese traditions heath concepts.

China Student Science & Technology Net: Aims to arouse students’ interest in science and technology.

Beijing Science Inclusion Web Site: Offers fun and interactive training materials and programmes to promote science to youth in China.


Men’s Health: The Men’s Health web site targeted at adult men aged 18 years or above.

The Chinese Health and Diet Site: This site promotes and offers information and tips about how to eat healthy through traditional Chinese heath diet.

Tooth Club: The Oral Health Education Unit (OHEU) of the Department of Health of the HKSAR Government with the aims to disseminate oral health knowledge and promote oral health to the community through Internet.

27802211: Developed by the Virtual AIDS Office(VAO) of Hong Kong which is an initiative of AIDS Unit, Special Preventive Programme, Department of Health, Hong Kong. VAO functions as a clearinghouse of the Unit’s four main programmes which are executed by the AIDS Unit’s HIV Prevention and Health Promotion Team based in Red Ribbon Centre, HIV Clinical Team based in Integrated Treatment Centre, Surveillance Office, and the Advisory Council on AIDS Secretariat.

HKBU BOC (HK) Chinese Medicine Centre: Commonly used Chinese medicine, herbal Chinese medicines originated in Hong Kong and other important information about practical usage of Chinese Medicine were displayed in the Centre and in the web site.


The Web Care Campaign: Aims to promote a barrier free Internet environment, and provide less privileged communities with equal opportunities in sharing the benefits brought about by rapid development of Internet and information technology.

China Voluntary Service Net: Science & Technology Voluntary Services Net: Offers an open platform to promote and organize voluntary services in China.

Cyber Senior Network Development Association Limited: Founded in 2001, the Cyber Senior Network is a non-profit project offers specialized Internet services for senior citizens in Hong Kong.

HKCSS Excess Materials Donation Net: Simple web site provides online matching services for corporations to donate used materials to needy organizations.

China Technology Made Easy Web Site: Offers comprehensive and interactive information, education, training and programmes to promote e-science to general public.

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