Best Practices


iLmukomputer: A portal of free lectures in computer science and IT related issues with hundreds free articles online and is also available offline as a free CD-ROM.

e-Smartschool: A portal for which teaches children many subjects through story-telling.

Komunikasi: A web site with free lesson about communications technology.

Interaktif Anak CD-ROM is a series of interactive edutainment CDs to teach children about science and technology, English, mathematics, and other subjects.


The official web site of the City of Denpasar

The official web site of the District of Eastern Kutai

The official web site of the District of Kutai

The official web site of the City of Tarakan

The official web site of the District of Berau


Dagadu: The fun and stylish web site of a small T-shirt business in Yogyakarta, which also has community and cultural sections.

Weddingku: The web site of a wedding organizing company.

Sanur: An online book-store, selling books, VCDs and magazines.

Oxone-online: Tthe web site of a company selling home-appliances.

Bursadomain: A business portal where domain names can be bought and sold.


Tembi: A virtual museum of Javanese culture.

Sarikata: A portal of Indonesian literature and related issues.

Cybersastra is an e-Workshop for Indonesian poets.

Gni: An e-Version of the National Gallery of Indonesia.

Masjid2000: A CD-ROM which compiles many 3D representations of mosques in Indonesia complete with detailed historical and architectural information.


Orisina: A multi-game portal consisting of more than 40 Flash based non-violent games. It is stylish, unique and highly artistic.

Tembang: A portal of Indonesian songs which also has downloads, a community section, song reviews, lyrics and chords, etc.

Unikids: A portal for children with games based on story-telling.

Pusatgame: A multi-game portal for multi-player gamers.

Horizon-line: A web site for the Jazz community where Jazz songs can be compiled and Jazz news and information is available.


Chem-is-try: A web site for Indonesian students to learn and share knowledge about chemistry.

Fisika-smu: A web site specifically meant for senior high-school students to learn about physics.

Fisika: A web site for learning physics.


Ibuhamil: A consultative web site which deals with pregnancy and pre/post natal issues.

Pdpersi: The centre of data and information of the association of hospitals in Indonesia.

Medikaholistik: A complementary medicine web site which consists of information and and also has a consultation section.

Infokes: A Government web site which provides general information about health issues.


Ganesha Digital Library: A n Indonesian Digital Library

DigiLab: A university initiated project, providing a platform for storing-sharing-creating community-based knowledge.

Smu2000: A project to at least 2000 senior high schools across Indonesian archipelagos to the Internet.


Detik: The most popular e-news portal in Indonesia.

Kompas: An e-version of major newspapers in Indonesia.

Tempointeraktif: One of major e-news portals in Indonesia.

Liputan6: A n e-version of TV programmes in a major TV channel in Indonesia.

Bisnis: One of major e-news portals in Indonesia.

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