Best Practices


DigitalFilipino facilitates forum and workshop sessions among IT educators and enthusiasts through an e-Group and private access. Its “Free E-Commerce Workshop Online,” aims to teach Internet Commerce.

Yapster (cross media): is the premier e-Learning provider in the Philippines which offers a wide range of courses on the Internet, Intranet, stand-alone PC, CD-ROM, etc.

WebPhilippines: is an Internet Business Solutions Provider that focuses on three strategic areas: web site assessment / planning, design and development, and management.

2StudyIT (cross media): is the pioneer in Technology Based Training (TBT) which aims to become a ‘one stop shop’ for learning and training courses in the Philippines and to be branded as ‘the learning mall’ of the world.

Batobalani: is the online version of Bato Balania, a science and technology magazine which provides learning materials to high school students all over the country, as well as online expeditions into the fascinating world of science.

E-Governance is the web site of The Environmental Management Programme for Industry Competitiveness or EPIC: an environmental partnership of the United Nations Development Programme and the Department of Trade and Industry. is the web site of The National Computer Centre: a leading agency in the promotion of the use of ICT in Government which strengthens its support of the IT sector of the Government through its active participation in the passing of the E-Commerce Act, advocacy, the building of the K-Economy framework of the Philippines and its continuing research of new and emerging ICT technologies. serves as the primary coordinative, promotive, and facilitative arm for trade, industry and investment activities. It acts as a catalyst for intensified private sector activity to accelerate and sustain economic growth in the country. is the Official Government Portal which fulfils a long-felt need for an online aggregated information resource for all the branches of the Philippine Government i.e. the Legislative, Executive and Judicial. is an electronic procurement system based on international competitive bidding standards which currently being utilized by the Department of Health (DOH) for bidding and awarding of DOH material requirements.

E-Business combines its digital Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) technology and its satellite telephony (using Satellite Technology of ACeS Philippines) to attain unparalleled coverage and connectivity.

Pinoydelikasi: is the Filipino web site which sells various food products including dried goods and canned Filipino specialities. It was nominated by the WTO as a ‘best practice model’.

Pinoyauctions: is an internet auction site catering to the local Filipino consumer. The site is an online venue that allows consumers to buy and sell anything using a fun and exciting auction format.

Myayala: is a ‘one-stop shop’ online store owned by the Ayala Frop of Companies.

Internet Manila: is the Internet access service of Tridel Technologies Inc. with a subscriber base of more than 30,000.


Filipinaslibrary: is a one-stop electronic research centre which provides access to the wealth of Filipino heritage through the latest in information technology and telecommunications with a
knowledge network connecting many school libraries in the Philippines and also serves as a catalyst for culture.

Kasal: is a Filipino wedding guide store selling cultural artefacts, souvenirs, etc.

Lovegarden: is an online flower shop inspired by Victor Hugo’s, “Life is flower of which love is the honey.”

Lakbay: is a Filipino travel guide to interesting places in the Philippines.


MrMusiko: offers exclusive Philippine sheet music, musical arrangements, method books for immediate downloading, musical transcription, arrangement, etc.

Aramithsquest (cross media): is an original interactive fiction game which features hand-rendered art, compelling text and dialogue, and puzzles.

Pbalive.panelo: is a product for non-stop entertainment which owes its existence to the collective effort by the team who made PBA (Philippine Basketball Association) Live 2003. (cross media) is a dominant pop radio station RX 93.1 whose programmes and events are shared in the Web. It won the Best FM Station award during the Golden Dove Awards.

Titikpilipino: provides entertainment to an average of 5,000 Filipino and other music enthusiasts from all over the world to spread awareness and appreciation for Filipino music.


Searca: is the web site of the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization’s first regional centre aimed at reinforcing scientific and technological knowledge that would hasten regional development.

Dost: is the web site of The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) which provides central direction, leadership, and co-ordination of all science and technology activities in the country; and, formulates science and technology policies, programmes, and projects in support of national development priorities.

Cslib: is a repository of science books and references housed at the University of the Philippines


DoH: is the web site of the Department of Health which provides health information and other health services.

Health: is a one-stop information resource on the web for the health research community which was developed by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) and the Phil Council for Health Research and Development (PCHRD).

DoctorGeorge: is an online medical information resource centre.

Mercurydrug: is the web site of the Mercury Drug Corporation which provides health tips and free online clinical services.

Makatimed: is the web site of the Makati Medical Centre.

E-Inclusion is a cable channel with programmes featuring stories about and ecologically-friendly business and livelihood projects, alternative health interventions, biodiversity, successful entrepreneurship, creative initiatives across the nation, artefacts and practices that define the Filipino.

Philmug: is the web site of the Philippine Macintosh User Group Forums which was awarded best community site by Philippine Web Awards.

Yehey: is a Filipino search engine which provides various

Globalpinoy: is an e-Community web site.
Angdatingdaan: an immensely popular online bible exposition of the Ang Dating Daan religious programme, which is aired via radio, television and the Internet.

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