Best Practices


Hi-5 Fun Club


ABC playground website

Macquarie Dictionary Online: National Dictionary

The Learning Federation National: Online Interactive Curriculum Content Developer


Government Online Directory

Australian Taxation Office: Online Return Filing

Australian Broadcasting Commission: National Broadcaster

Special Broadcasting Service: Multilingual National Broadcaster

NSW Government Website Portal


Looksmart: Australian International Internet search solutions provider

Commsec: Australia’s #1 online share trader Australia’s #1 real estate website

Seek: Australia’s #1 employment website

Online Street Map Directory


National Library of Australia: Treasures from the World’s Great Libraries

LP: The web guide of one of the world’s leading travel information publishers

NSW Government Pattern Book: An e-government building planning guide

Noise: National festival showcasing and celebrating the creativity of young Australians (aged 25 and under)


Ninemsn Portal: Australia’s #1 news and general Information Portal

Australia’s leading games developers:

Atari Australia

Perception Australia

Ratbag Games


Cisco Australia (formerly Radiata): Developer of WIFI Standards

Proximity Australia: Emmy Award-winning media management

Lake Technology: A leading audio technology company

Animal Logic: Fx Technology and one of the world’s top 10 digital visual effects companies

National ICT Australia: Australia’s national ICT research organization


Telehealth: NSW Government initiatives

Telehealth: The Haptic Workbench, a leading research initiative

Pacific Knowledge Systems: a leader in Health Informatics technologies

Government health information website

Walter and Eliza Hall Institute: Australia’s leading centre of medical research


Community Technology Centres

Australian Government Jobearch Portal

Global Education Initiative

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