Best Practices


Postcards in Space and other stories: This electronic storybook on CD Rom is the first in a series for New Zealand school students aged 9-10 years old who are not proficient at reading.

CD Drives: is a CD Rom for developing driving skills for novices using both interactivity and video footage.

Te Kete Ipurangi: is the bilingual online learning centre of Ministry of Education site


Sorted is a site for establishing financial requirements needed for retirement for any member of society.


Farmside: Specialists in developing innovative rural technology solutions.

RD1 is a information site for farming and rural New Zealand.

Fencepost: provides the most comprehensive and up to date information available to you over the Internet for farmers and those who work in the rural sector.

Online Banking services:

Citylink: A high speed Internet provider


Transmit online: is a highly interactive site exploring Pacific identity including live vide footage and photography by DJ Mu

Living Heritage: provides the means for the young people of New Zealand / Aotearoa to discover and share the unique nature of their local communities and families / whanau with the world.


Rugby league: for XBOX active Awards.

Anchorville: is a online component of an integrated campaign for Anchor Milk, Anchorville immerses younger visitors in an animated world populated by quirky animals and packed with dairy-themed interactive fun.


Young people discover that science is part of everyday life through a television series, a dynamic user-interactive web presence, a suite of DVD components and next-generation interactive applications.


Mobile Medical/Surgical facility: By bus is a trailblazing service and is a platform for a host of shared ideas.It brings sophisticated technology and both medical and wider social services to rural New Zealand, efficiently in terms of time and money for both medical professionals and patients. It can help give rural New Zealanders a much greater sense of security and certainty that their healthcare needs will be met.


Computers in Homes project (CIH): Initiated by the 2020 Communications Trust to make recycled computers available to families unable to buy one for themselves.

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