Best Practices


Automatic Milk Collection System
The Automatic Milk Collection System provides several advantages over the traditional manual method which was time taking and because of which the milk got spoiled.
Toehold Artisans Collaborative (TAC) is an export-oriented Group Enterprise, owned and governed by the artisans through their eleven women’s Self Help Groups (Shags), aims to take the humble generic Kolhapuri footwear to branded ‘couture’ status in international markets.
It is unique web based initiative of ICT’s International Business Division, offers the Coffee Growers of India all the information, products and services they need to enhance productivity, improve price realization and cut transactions costs.


Honeybee Network
The Honeybee Network is a huge database of grassroots innovation and technologies collected over a period of 15 years.

This is the Kannada language script enabling software in computers is the first effort which works under Windows OS with 8-bit code (ASCII) representation. is a community portal for Marathi community.


The project was to design and develop Lab Exercises of Electrophoresis e-Learning Course.


The project comprises of highly interactive games development on the game of Cricket.


Sisu Samrakshak
This is all about information dissemination and services for women and children.
This is a web based helpline for patients who need blood all over the country in an emergency.

Helpline on HIV/AIDS
This is an electronic helpline accessible to people 24 hours a day for seeking answers to any query on HIV/AIDS.
Contact: +91-141-2606976


aQUA: Almost All Questions Answered
This is a multi-lingual question and answer forum.

Vaachak is Text-to-Speech (TTS) software for Indian Languages and English developed by Prologix based in Lucknow.

Dissemination of Animal Health Knowledge
The touch screen kiosk with need based information on cattle health, derived through participatory meetings with the stakeholders aimed at the direct use of largely illiterate and poor livestock owners.

Save the Girl Child
Under the Save the Girl Child campaign, website is solely dedicated to the cause of female foeticide in the country.

Disability India Network
This is an IT initiative to empower the citizens with disabilities.


C-Gap course self learning kit
This is a course targeted towards farmers to educate them on good agricultural practices and quality systems.

Learning Objects
Learning Objects: Creating a Knowledge Utility uses SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) for Multimedia enriched educational content in rural schools in India.

Chikki Chinna
This is a radio interactive programme being developed by the Education Development Centre (EDC), an NGO, for a project funded by the dot-EDU co-operative agreement initiated by the USAID and part of the DOT-COM Alliance.

This is a ‘JukeBox’ of edutaining and multilingual “animation-books”, for distribution on electronic (TV, radio, VHS video) and digital (internet, DVD/VCD) media.

Adventus Learning Management System
This is learning and training platform that caters to organisation to achieve their competitive advantage with dynamic efficiency resulting in savings to the tune of almost 50 percent time and material.


Nisani – National Identity Card
The NISANI Card is a multi-purpose card which would replace the 10 types of card like blood group, religion, caste, date of birth, education, eye donor, driving, arms, employer, and so on.

Trivandrum City Police Portal
The portal helps Trivandrum’s police to serve the public in a manner that is transparent, efficient and friendly.

An e-governance model to globalize the Indian agriculture.

This is designed for “resolving” long pending grievances of citizen at large, irrespective of social/economical background of the applicant.

This is a nodal touch screen based Government to Citizen (G2C) project which provides an interactive platform about various rural development schemes/programmes being implemented by the District Rural Development Agency.

This stands for “e-Computerised Operations for Police Services.”

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